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Thursday, February 2, 2012

OK Go Explains Primary Colors in Song

From cool Rube Goldberg machines to tightly scripted marching band routines, OK Go produces fantastic music videos. Now they've jumped into making educational videos for kids. In Three Primary Colors, produced with Sesame Street, OK Go explains the three primary colors in a catchy little song.

Applications for Education
After your students get the catchy Three Primary Colors song stuck in their heads, have them try creating pictures using the Three Primary Colors game on the Sesame Street website.

H/T to Brain Pickings

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

For Band Teachers - The Evolution of Marching

As a high school student I loved being a tuba player in the marching band. Therefore this week I have really enjoyed So You Want to Teach's series on the evolution of marching. Every day this week Joel has posted a series of videos of various marching band performances from 1972 through 1987 and eventually the series will conclude with 2010 performances. Check out one of the videos from the series below.

Applications for Education
In high school my marching band director would show us video tapes of great marching band performances to either inspire us or to illustrate something that we were trying to do on the field. I don't know if all marching band directors do the same thing, but if they do, The Evolution of Marching series on So You Want To Teach could be a good place to find some videos.

On a related note, if you haven't seen the Notre Dame marching band performing with OK Go, you should watch this video, it's amazing!