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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

JotForm - A Better Way to Create Online Forms

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If you have ever looked at a form on a web page and thought, "I'd like my forms to look like that," then JotForm is the service you need to try. JotForm is a service for making fillable online forms. You can use JotForm to create registration forms, course evaluation forms, permission slips, and more. And with JotForm's new integrated PDF editor submissions through your forms can be automatically turned into PDFs that you can print or email.

How to Use JotForm to Create an Online Form
To create a form on JotForm sign-up for a free account then click the "create form" button. You can then choose to create a form in which all questions and response fields are on one page or you choose to make your form in a "card" format in which viewers respond to one question per page. Once you have selected a layout you can choose to use a template, build a form from scratch, or import questions from an existing form even if that form was made with another service. I was able to successfully import questions from a Google Form!

When building a form from scratch in JotForm you drag question types from a menu into your blank form. You can add open response questions, multiple choice questions (single selection and multiple selection), and questions that require a response in the form of a file upload. There is also a star rating question format. Additionally, you can add pictures, charts, block text to forms that you design in JotForm.

After you have added all of your questions it's time to customize the color and font scheme of your form. It's here that JotForm stands out from the crowd. You can apply any colors to your form that you can think of. The text options are almost as plentiful as the color options. And if you really want to customize your form's look, you can open the advanced editor where you'll find options for text alignment, background images, and object spacing. There's even an option for adding custom CSS for those who have those skills.

When you're done adding questions and tweaking the design of your JotForm form you can preview it to see how it will look to visitors. If you like the way it looks, you're ready to publish it. You can share your JotForm forms by emailing or posting your form's URL online. JotForm forms can also be embedded into your existing web pages. Those are options are typical of every online form-builder. What makes JotForm different is that it contains an option to download your form as a fillable PDF!

Responses to your JotForm form are found through your JotForm dashboard. To see responses simply select your form then click "submissions." You can see all submissions in a spreadsheet format or you can view them as individual PDFs that you can download, print, or email. And speaking of PDFs, JotForm has an excellent guide to editing PDFs.

Applications for Education
JotForm could be a great tool for making forms for online permission slips, surveys, course registrations, or short quizzes. From a design editing perspective, JotForm is way ahead of Google Forms.

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