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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Protecting Your Passwords and Creating Strong Passwords

Creating a strong password is a good first step to protecting your email and social media accounts from being hacked. But that's just the first step. To really protect your account there are some additional steps you should take like using two-factor authentication. In their most recent video Common Craft explains how to protect your online accounts. Click here to watch the video or you can view it embedded below.

Applications for Education
The tips in the video may be a old news to some of us, but to a lot of students and teachers those tips are new. It also never hurts to remind people of these tips.

For help in creating a strong password consider using a tool like Wolffram Alpha's password generator or Password Bird.

Common Craft videos can be reviewed online for evaluation purposes. To use embed them into a blog as I've done requires a membership (which are very reasonably priced).

Disclosure: I have an in-kind relationship with Common Craft.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Telepathwords from Microsoft Research Shows You the Weakness of Your Password

Telepathwords from Microsoft Research is a simple site designed to show you the strength or weakness of your passwords. As you type a password (either one you actually use or one you're thinking of using) into Telepathwords it tries to predict the next character that you will type. Telepathwords shows you the three most common characters that follow that character you typed. When you're done typing you'll see green check marks and red "Xs" above your password's characters. Green means that character is easy to predict and red means it is not easy to predict.
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Applications for Education
Telepathwords could be a good resource to use with students of all ages when you're trying to illustrate the qualities that go into a strong password.

The following videos offer some good advice about crafting passwords. Consider having your students watch these before testing they knowledge of password creation on Telepathwords.

Here's Secure Passwords Explained by Common Craft.

H/T to The Next Web for Telepathwords.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Use Wolfram Alpha to Create a Strong Password

The next time you need to create a strong password try Wolfram Alpha. If you enter "password" or "generate password" into Wolfram Alpha it will give you a random eight character password as well as some alternate passwords.
Obviously, I'm not going to use any of these passwords and you shouldn't either.

I picked up this little tip from Tekzilla Daily.