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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Making Coins at the US Mint - Photo Essay

The latest stop on CNET's summer road trip was in Philadelphia where they visited the US Mint. As documentation of the visit to the mint, CNET has produced a twenty-six image photo essay about the mint and the making of US coins. The images chronicle the production of a coin from design through production. View the photo essay here. The related CNET article included the following video about designing coins.

Applications for Education
Talking about money almost always makes students' ears perk-up. This photo essay and video could go a long way in answering the question, "where does money come from?"

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Photos that Changed the World

Photos that Changed the World is a TED Talk that was mentioned by Larry Ferlazzo and Open Culture earlier today. In the short talk Jonathan Klein shows us some very familiar images, some not-as-familiar images, and explains how those images impacted the world. The talk is embedded below.

A word of caution, some of the images may be a bit too graphic for some audiences so please screen the video before showing it to students.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scenes From a Ruined Boulevard - Interactive Photo Essay

The New York Times has an interactive photo essay about post-earthquake Haiti. Scenes From a Ruined Boulevard is a long series of photos taken on a quarter-mile stretch
of Boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessalines
. Boulevard Jean-Jacques Dessalines is one of the busiest streets in Port-au-Prince. Strung together the images give viewers a good sense of the destruction caused by the earthquake in Haiti. Viewers can explore the images by using a horizontal scroll bar or by selecting one of the five chapters. Scenes From a Ruined Boulevard provides some text in the photo essay to help explain what is recorded in the images.

Applications for Education
In my school all seniors are required to do some type of public service project before graduation. Some of our students are doing fundraisers for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti. Those students could share with others a visual reference, like Scenes From a Ruined Boulevard, to raise awareness of the need for aid.

Monday, October 5, 2009

India's Tigers & Kenya's Elephants

National Geographic Adventure is currently hosting a couple of engaging photo essays. India's Tigers is the photographic companion to a feature article titled The War on India's Tigers. Both the article and the photographs chronicle the efforts of an activist and government officials to end the poaching of tigers in India.

Extreme Elephant Tracking is a feature article and photo essay chronicling the 130 mile journey of eight men tracking one elephant across Kenya. Along the way the men search for understanding of elephant migration habits and search for ways that elephants and humans can cohabitate.

Applications for Education
These photo essays might provide an emotional prompt for a discussion of the politics and science of wildlife conservation.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Remarkable Images of Protest

As I've mentioned in the past, Environmental Graffiti is an excellent place to find photo essays to share in an Environmental Science classroom. Today, Environmental Graffiti posted a photo essay that could be a great discussion starter in a social studies classroom. Remarkable Images of Activism from the Last Fifty Years features photographs, with captions, of protests from Tienanmen Square, protests of the 1999 WTO Conference in Seattle, and Anti Iraq War protests.

Applications for Education
This collection of images could be used as conversation starters when introducing the events pictured. The collection could also be used to start discussions about protests in general.

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