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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

A Great Series of Videos for Those Who Have I.T. Career Questions

A couple of weeks ago I asked for help from my Twitter followers as I planned to help my students create resumes. Many of you were kind enough to take some time to offer really helpful advice. I passed that advice along to my students when we spent a day working on their resumes that they were developing for jobs in I.T. 

The other thing that I did on that day was share this video from a YouTube channel titled I.T. Career Questions. In the video, Types of I.T. Jobs in 2020, the host runs through a big list of job titles in the field of information technology. He categorizes the jobs and explains what the job titles mean, the career levels that correspond to the job titles, and the level of education that is expected in each type of job. 

The video was a great complement to and reinforcement of what I had already explained to my students. As we all know, you can explain something to your students as many times and ways as you like, but sometimes it takes a different voice for students to really "get it." That's exactly what this video did for me and my students. 

I.T. Career Questions has dozens of other videos explaining what it's like to work in I.T. They also host occasional livestreams during which viewers can ask questions about working in I.T. 

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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Six Resume Tools for Teens

One of the important skills that students need to have prior to graduating from high school is the ability to create a resume. Ideally, they will create a resume in high school and continue to update it beyond graduation. Creating a resume from scratch can be overwhelming, but these resources will help students understand what elements need to be included.

  • Career Kids- This site does not require an account. Students simply input their information, and click a few boxes to generate a resume. The resume that is created is basic, but this site is very easy to use. 
  • Google Docs resume templates- This is an easy and straightforward way to create a resume directly inside of Google Drive. Just select one of the resume templates to get started.
  • Resume Generator- Designed to be used by high school students. It contains written and audio tips to help students through the process.
  • MyFuture Resume Builder- In addition to a resume builder, this site has examples of resumes, checklists, and articles and advice about careers.
  • While this is not a traditional resume, it is a good place for students to create a positive digital footprint. This site does collect personal information and is not intended to be used by students who are younger than 13.
  • VisualCV for Students- This site allows students to create a digital resume to share online. This site has lots of examples and ideas that students will find useful.
Applications for Education
Students can use these sites to create a solid resume. These sites can also be used to create fictitious resumes of characters from books or of historical figures.