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Friday, December 9, 2011

Apps 4 Kids - An Android App Discovery Tool

Searching the Android Market for apps appropriate for your students and children can be a discouraging experience. Enter a search in the Android Market using the terms "math games" will yield more than 1000 results. If you're like most of us, you'll probably go through a few pages before abandoning that quest. Apps 4 Kids aims to make discovering new apps for your kids an easy process.

Apps 4 Kids is a free app that helps you and your children find new apps to use on your Android phone or Android tablet. You can browse Apps 4 Kids according to age of the child or the purpose of the app. For example, you can search for apps appropriate for children under four years old and for learning the alphabet. Apps 4 Kids is a free app, but not all of the apps they recommend are free.

Applications for Education
Apps 4 Kids could be a great tool for discovering new apps to use on the Android tablets in your classroom.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

$100 off Many Tablets at Staples

This post marks the second time I've ever written a post just to pass along savings on a product, but it just seems too good not to pass it along. Through July 30, Staples is offering a $100 off coupon for many popular tablets. This offer appears to include the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Motorola Zoom, Blackberry Playbook, and many others. It does exclude the HP tablet, Kindles, and Nooks. The offer applies to in-store purchases only. Grab the coupon here. I learned about this offer from Allen Stern at Center Networks. I haven't been to Staples yet to confirm that the offer is valid in my area, but I plan to do that this afternoon. If it's good I could be looking at getting the Samsung Galaxy Tablet for $400 instead of $500 at Amazon.

Full Disclosure: The coupon link does not include any affiliate link. The Amazon image below is an affiliate link.

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