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Monday, November 25, 2013

Sanderling - Your Field Journal of Professional Development

Sanderling is a new community and Android app developed by An Estuary. Sanderling is part social network and part blogging tool. On Sanderling you can connect with other educators to share your learning experiences. You can create and or join projects to document what you've learned. To document what you've learned and found you can share blog posts, pictures, quotes, and links. Sanderling gives you the choice of making your projects public or private.

You can document and share what you've discovered through the Sanderling website or your can use the free Sanderling Android app to create and share.

Applications for Education
Sanderling is different from sharing on Twitter or Google+ in that you can create personal projects (goals would be a better name for projects in Sanderling) and track those projects with your colleagues. I'm looking forward to seeing how Sanderling evolves as a social network for professional development as more people try it.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Edsavr - Collect, Save, and Share

Edsavr is a new Chrome extension developed by the team at An Estuary (a start-up founded by teachers in the Baltimore area). Edsavr is a bookmarking tool that you can use to send your favorite links to Edmodo, eduClipper, and Sanderling (a field journal service still in beta).

Applications for Education
If you and your students are using Edmodo and eduClipper to share resources that you find on the web, Edsavr could be a time saver for you.

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