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Thursday, June 25, 2020

TechSmith Capture Replaces Jing

TechSmith's Jing was the first tool that I used to make screencast videos more than a decade ago. It was amazing to be able to quickly record a short video to explain things to colleagues and students. Since then other and better tools have come along including tools like Snagit made by TechSmith. Last spring Techsmith announced that they were winding down the Jing project because, in part, it used Flash as the file output. The end of Jing has now arrived and TechSmith is replacing it with a free product called TechSmith Capture.

You can download TechSmith Capture for free to use on Windows and Mac computers. Like its predecessor TechSmith Capture can be used to create screencast videos and capture screen images. An update over Jing is found in the fact that you can now record with your webcam while recording your screencast video. Finished videos are rendered as MP4 files that you can use in all of the typical places that you would share a video including YouTube.

I tried to install TechSmith Capture on my Windows computer this morning. Unfortunately, the installation kept timing out when I was prompted to sign into my TechSmith/ account. I was, however, successful in getting TechSmith Capture to run on my Mac.

Applications for Education
Like any screencast recording tool, TechSmith Capture can provide you with a convenient way to create short instructional videos for your students. Screencasting tools can also be helpful to students to explain in video format any problems they're having and need your assistance in solving.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Three Good Tools for Creating Screenshots on Chromebooks

Capturing an image of your screen as you see it at a particular moment in time can serve a lot of purposes in a school setting. You can use screenshots, particularly annotated screenshots, to show students where to click on a page. You can use a series of screenshots to show students the steps necessary to use a program like Scratch or Thunkable. And from time to time you might need to capture a screen image to preserve an email or social media post that you need to discuss with a student. If you're a Chromebook user, the following three tools make it easy to capture a screen image.

Nimbus Screenshot & Video Recorder
This is currently my favorite option for capturing screen images on a Chromebook. I use it more than any other option because it also offers an excellent, high resolution screencast video creation tool. Nimbus Screenshot lets you capture images of a section of a page or screen or an entire screen. A "select & scroll" option lets you capture an image that is longer than what you can see in your web browser. In other words, if you need to capture an entire webpage in one image, you can do that with the "screen & scroll" option in Nimbus Screenshot. You can draw and type on the images you capture with Nimbus Screenshot.

Capture, Explain and Send Screenshots
This extension requires fewer permissions than any other screenshot extension in the Chrome store. You can connect it to your Google Drive account to have all of your screenshots instantly uploaded to Drive. Once those screenshots are saved in Drive you could easily share them with your students in Google Classroom. Capture, Explain and Send Screenshots will let you capture part of a page or all of a page. All of your screenshots can be annotated with text and drawings.

Awesome Screenshot
Awesome Screenshot is the Chrome extension for screenshots that I've had installed longer than any other on this list. With Awesome Screenshot you can to capture a page or region on a page, draw boxes, draw lines, blur out information, and add text to your screenshot. When you're satisfied with your screenshot you can save it locally, save it to Google Drive, or share it via the URL provided by Awesome Screenshot. "Delayed capture" is one of the neat features of Awesome Screenshot that is not found in the other tools in this list. "Delayed capture" lets you select a portion of your screen and move things around a little bit before the image is actually captured.

At the Practical Ed Tech Chromebook Camp we'll cover lots of little tips and tricks like how to capture screenshots as well as dive into bigger ideas about teaching with Chromebooks. Earlier registration discounts are available now.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Download Your Videos - Knowmia and ScreenChomp Close In Three Days

Earlier this summer TechSmith announced that they were closing some of their free apps that teachers loved. That list includes the whiteboard video creation apps ScreenChomp and Knowmia Teach. On August 31st those apps will stop working. If you have created videos in either of those apps, you'll want to download them ASAP!

Watch this video to learn how to download your Knowmia Teach videos. 

Watch this video to learn how to download your ScreenChomp videos. 

In related news, SnagIt for Chrome is also being discontinued by TechSmith. Fortunately, all of that content should already be automatically stored in your Google Drive account.

Earlier this month I published a list of alternatives to Knowmia, ScreenChomp, and SnagIt for Chrome.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

TechSmith Snagit - A Chrome-based Screen Capture Tool

TechSmith Snagit is a new screen capture tool from the producers of the popular screencasting tools Jing and Camtasia. TechSmith Snagit is a Chrome app and extensions that allows you to capture all or part of screen then draw and write on your screen capture. The Snagit Chrome extension is what allows you to capture your screen. The Snagit Chrome app allows you to save your screen captures in your Google Drive account. You do have to install both the extension and the app for Snagit to work correctly.

TechSmith Snagit is currently in beta, you can register for early access here. Snagit will be released for the general public on November 19th.

Applications for Education
If your school is using Chromebooks, TechSmith Snagit could be a great tool for you. Snagit will allow you to create visual directions of how to use a website or Chrome app to share with your students. Being able to save your screen captures in Google Drive will make it easy to access and share your screen captures any time you're connected to the web.