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Monday, May 15, 2017

Clipular - Create Screenshots on Chromebooks

Clipular is a free Chrome extension that can be used to capture a screen image. Clipular lets you capture all of your screen or a portion of your screen. It also gives the option to scroll while capturing to make an image of an entire webpage even if it doesn't fit into your current screen view. For example, if you're looking at this page on a small Chromebook right now, you might not see all of the page until you scroll down.

Clipular does require that you create a free account. All of your screen capture images are stored in that account. Within your library of screen capture images you can create groupings of images, edit your images, and share your images. You can connect Clipular to your Google Drive account and have your images saved directly to Google Drive.

Applications for Education
From showing a student or colleague the steps for using a web app or capturing an image of how a webpage looks at a moment in time, screenshots can be valuable in many school settings.

Here are three other tools that you can use to capture screen images on your Chromebook.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Monosnap Is a Promising New Screen Capture Tool

There are many good screen capture tools available on the web today. Some of my favorites are listed here. Today, I found a new screen capture tool that I like.

Monosnap is a new, free screen capture tool for Mac users. Monosnap is advertising that they will soon offer it for Windows, Android, and iOS too.

To get started download Monosnap from the Mac store. Once installed you can use Monosnap to capture a portion or all of your screen. One neat option is to capture your screen after a ten second delay. After capturing your screen you can draw on your image, type on it, or highlight portions of the screen capture image. You can save your screen captures on your computer or upload them to a free Monosnap account.

Applications for Education
Monosnap, like other screen capture tools, could be used for creating directions on how to use a new program or application. If Monosnap does come through on the promise of Android and iOS apps it could be a great application to use to create annotated screen captures on those devices too.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Screen Draw - Draw or Type on Any Webpage

Grizzly Ape is a software development company in the U.K. that has built some handy Firefox add-ons. One of their free add-ons is Screen Draw.

With Screen Draw installed you can type on and or draw free-hand on any webpage that you're viewing in Firefox. You could circle elements on a page then type a bit about that element. Your screen drawings can be saved as PNG and JPG files.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for a quick way to create annotated screen images to provide directions to students, Screen Draw could be a handy tool for you.

One way that you might have students use Screen Draw is to have them practice giving written directions. Have students pick one of their favorite websites and write directions for using it as if someone was brand new to using the web. Students (and teachers too sometimes) often assume a lot when giving directions. By starting from scratch assuming that the audience knows nothing, students are forced to slow down and think about the details that they might otherwise assume everyone knows.

For some more screen capture options, please see 7 Good Screen Capture Tools for Teachers.