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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where Have My Google Spreadsheet Scripts Gone? They're Add-ons or...

Over the last couple of weeks I have received a bunch of emails from readers who were looking for Google Spreadsheet scripts that they used last year, but cannot find this year. The reason for this is that when Google pushed out the updated Spreadsheets to all Google Apps for Edu domains the script gallery was removed from the "insert" menu in Google Spreadsheets. A few of those scripts are now available as Add-ons, but most are not.

Scripts were developed by third party developers. If the developer did not re-write the script to be an Add-on, the script is gone. The work around is if you have an old spreadsheet that has not been updated to the new version of Google Spreadsheets, you may be able to make a copy of that spreadsheet and continue to use the old script. New Visions for Public Schools provides directions for this process in this explanation of how to continue to use the FormLimiter script.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Doctopus Is Now Easier to Use Than Ever Before - Automate Workflow in Google Drive

The new version of Google Sheets has brought with it a new way of using Scripts. All of my favorite scripts are now located through the Add-ons menu in Google Sheets. One of my favorite scripts now found in the Add-ons menu is Doctopus.

Doctopus is a Google Spreadsheet script that can help teachers manage the flow of shared work in in their Google Drive accounts. The basic concept behind the script is to enable teachers to quickly share documents with all of the students on a roster, monitor usage of shared documents, and give students feedback within that roster spreadsheet.

The new version of Doctopus is easier to use than all of the previous versions. Now when you open Doctopus as an Add-on, you will be walked through each step of using the script. The old version of the script did that too, but the new directions are much clearer than the old ones. I used to say, "plan on messing up the first couple of times you use the script." I won't say that anymore. Click here to read the Doctopus developer's run-down of all of the new features of the script. Watch the video below for a tutorial on using Doctopus in the new version of Google Sheets.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Celtx - Movie, Play, and Cartoon Production Planning

Proof that you should never stop learning and exploring came to me yesterday in the form of a retired drama teacher who asked me to install Celtx on her computer. Someone had mentioned it to her as a tool for writing play scripts, but she needed my help installing it. I had never heard of Celtx prior to yesterday and had this drama teacher not asked for my help, I may never have learned of it.

Celtx provides a great platform for writing scripts, organizing story boards, writing direction notes, and scheduling tasks for completing a project. Celtx does this by providing templates and editing tools designed specifically for script writing. The features that impressed the teacher I was working with yesterday were the auto-formatting of character lines and the option to integrate stage direction notes.

Celtx is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. In addition to free software Celtx offers an online collaboration tool called Celtx Studios, but that is a fee based service.

Applications for Education
Celtx could be a good tool for courses that develop movies, plays, and cartoons from scratch. The tools and templates from Celtx provide a clear and consistent format for students to use.

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