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Monday, August 3, 2015

SimplyCircle Helps You Organize Communication With Parents

Last year I featured a school-to-parent communication service called SchoolCircle. Over the summer SchoolCircle changed its name to SimplyCircle and added some helpful new features.

At its core SimplyCircle is a free service that is designed to help elementary school teachers organize communication to the parents of their students. SimplyCircle offers many of the features of Google+ Communities without the need for parents to join Google+.

Through SimplyCircle you can create an online community for parents of students in your classroom. You can use SimplyCircle to send messages, organize tasks for parent-volunteers, and post updates about things happening in your classroom and in your school. Parents don't have to sign into SimplyCircle daily because you can choose to send a daily digest of updates to their email addresses.

Just in time for the new school year SimplyCircle added some new features included an integrated calendar that teachers can use to plan and organize events for multiple groups in one place. SimplyCircle added a one-click volunteer sign-up function. The volunteer function includes the option to send reminders and details about volunteer responsibilities. And you can now send individual messages to parents instead of just group messages.

Learn more about SimplyCircle in the video embedded below.

Monday, November 8, 2010

SignUp Genius - Create Online Sign-up Lists

SignUp Genius is a free and easy way to create and organize online sign-up forms for all kinds of group activities. SignUp Genius creates a simple webpage on which people can sign-up for activities that you've specified.

You can make your sign-up sheet public or private. Once you've created your sign-up list visitors to your list can sign-up for the activities you've specified. You can monitor the sign-up list as it is filled and visitors can quickly see which slots are already taken. SignUp Genius provides a myriad of themes and styles for your sign-up sheets. The image below is a screen capture of the sample field trip sign-up sheet that I created on SignUp Genius.

Applications for Education
If you've ever held a classroom party and ended up with twelve trays of cookies but only two bottles of juice, you know the value of having a well-organized sign-up sheet. With SignUp Genius you can avoid that. Need chaperones for a field trip? Post a list on SignUp Genius. You can share your SignUp Genius lists by giving out the url or emailing private invites to parents (SignUp Genius supports mailing lists).

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Volunteer Spot - Schedule Volunteers

Volunteer Spot is a free scheduling service that teachers, coaches, and others and use to coordinate volunteers. Volunteer Spot gives you the ability to post calendars and sign-up sheets online. When potential volunteers visitor your calendar they can see the days and times at which volunteers are needed. When the quota for volunteers for a particular time or day is reached, Volunteer Spot won't allow any more sign-ups.

Applications for Education

Volunteer Spot could be a significant improvement over trying to keep track of emails from parents. You could also coordinate sign-ups with a wiki or similar tool, but getting parents to use Volunteer Spot is probably much easier than trying to convince a whole class worth of parents to join a wiki.

If Volunteer Spot is more than you need in a sign-up application, you may want to look at SignApp Now.

Update: Just received this great news via a comment from Michael Walter.
After using it for only 3 days, parents in my school are raving about it. It made scheduling a diverse group of volunteers incredibly easy, mostly because they scheduled themselves. Parents were in love with the easy interface, and the email reminders, the only thing I was worried about, were a BIG hit. Going to try and get this expanded beyond just my library helpers, and bring it to my next collegiate circle to share.
Michael, thanks for sharing your experience with us!

I originally learned about Volunteer Spot on iLearn Technology which is a fantastic blog to visit if you're looking for resources for elementary school settings.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

SignApp Now - Quickly Create Sign-up Forms

SignApp Now is a very simple tool for creating online sign-up forms. To use it all you need to do is enter a title and description of your event, set a sign-up deadline, enter a contact email address, and press "create." SignApp Now creates a unique url that you can then share with others that may be interested in signing-up for your event. Creating a sign-up form with SignApp Now is much faster and easier than trying to create a spreadsheet or other sign-up form.

To see just how easy it is to use SignApp Now, watch the video embedded below.
If you're viewing this in RSS, you may need to click through to view the video.

Applications for Education
If you're hosting an open-house for your classroom, creating a SignApp Now sheet could be a great way to get a preliminary idea of how many parents to expect. You could also use SignApp Now if you're running an extracurricular club and want to get an idea of how many students you should expect on any given day.

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