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Monday, February 8, 2016

How do Solar Panels Work? - A TED-Ed Lesson

One of the ways that my local school district has tried to reduce oil dependence is to use burning wood chips to heat some school buildings. We do this because solar panels aren't a great option where we live. That begs the question, how do solar panels work? The following TED-Ed lesson answers that question and more. The lesson also explains some of the political and social barriers to using solar panels in more places.

Applications for Education
One way to continue this lesson is to ask students to develop presentations in which they must persuade people to use solar panels to power their businesses or homes.

Friday, December 17, 2010

A Home for the Future - Interactive Display

A Home for the Future is a neat interactive display from The New York Times about a solar-powered home. Click on the photo and sound icons on the interactive image to learn about the features and nuances of a solar-powered home.
Click to enlarge
And to learn more about home design, history, and the way people interact with their homes see the Living Rooms section on The New York Times site.

Applications for Education
My school's CAD program now offers a class on "green design." A Home for the Future could be a good resource for those students to learn from. A Home for the Future could also be a neat resource for students in environmental science classes to explore.

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