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Thursday, October 11, 2012

JumpRope - A Free Online Gradebook for Teachers

JumpRope is a new service offering teachers a free standards-based gradebook. I signed up and gave it a try this morning. My initial impression of the service is that it has a lot of helpful features once you figure out how to make them all work. To be fair, JumpRope does provide a lot of tutorials for new users.

The tabbed dashboard is the feature that stands out immediately when you sign into JumpRope. The dashboard makes it easy to quickly toggle between courses and tasks in your JumpRope account. Creating student rosters in JumpRope is easy to do. You can manually enter your students' names in JumpRope or upload a spreadsheet of names.

JumpRope can be used to enter grades and attendance. After you have entered grades for a few assignments switch over to the explore tab to see charts of your students' progress and mastery of subjects. You can generate and print progress reports in the explore tab too.

If you need a place to build and organize your lesson plans, JumpRope offers that too.

Applications for Education
Most schools have some type of enterprise gradebook solution in place. If your school does not have one in place or you're looking to try out another solution, JumpRope is worth giving a try.