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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tweet #ClassDojoLove to Enter To Win an iPad Mini

The popular student behavior tracking service ClassDojo is currently running a contest in which you could win an iPad mini or a Nexus 7 just for Tweeting about how you use or plan to use ClassDojo. To enter simply post a Tweet a response to this question: what learning habits, behaviors, or skills do you want to build with your students this year? Use the hashtag #classdojolove in the Tweet and you're entered. You can read more about the promotion here.

About ClassDojo
ClassDoJo is a free online service for recording and generating data about your students' behaviors. To get started using ClassDoJo you create class lists and select the behaviors that you want to track. Then assign each behavior as a negative or positive behavior. Once you have created your class lists and selected behaviors to track, actually tracking behaviors is quite easy.

To track your students' behaviors just sign-in, select your class, and start marking student names with positive or negative points. When you mark with positives or negatives you can state the reason by selecting from the menu of behaviors that you created while creating your ClassDoJo lists. You can use your computer or your mobile device to make entries in your ClassDoJo account.

Students can view their records by signing into their records through secret Clas DoJo codes assigned to them. Parents can have reports about their children sent to them by you.

Applications for Education
One good use of ClassDojo is projecting the "positive behaviors only" screen while giving out positive recognition at the end of the school day. I've also had a conversation with a high school teacher who is using ClassDojo as a way to award points for participation in classroom discussions as the discussion are happening. And if students are logged-in to their accounts they can track their progress too.

FTC Disclosure: In 2012 ClassDojo ran an ad campaign on Free Technology for Teachers. I do not currently have any financial or in-kind relationship with ClassDojo.

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