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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Twelve Tools for Creating End-of-Year Review Activities

The sun is shining and I had my first flip-flops sighting of the year this morning. That means the end of the school year can't be too far away. This is a time when many of us will be looking to make end-of-the-year review activities to do with our students and activities students can do on their own. At this time every year for the last five years I've published a slideshow of tools for creating online games, video quizzes, multimedia flashcards, and interactive classroom activities to review the year's lessons. The latest version of that slideshow is embedded below. The slideshow includes a handful of video tutorials that are also available on my YouTube channel.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Blended Play - A Blend of Online and Offline Review Games

Blended Play is a service for creating educational games to use in your classroom. Unlike the game creation tools featured in my previous post, all of the games on Blended Play have to be played in your classroom. They have to be played in your classroom because Blended Play games are designed to be projected in the front of your room and students answer questions aloud to progress through the games.

To use Blended Play you first have to create a free account on the site. Once you have created your account you can use any of five game board templates. All games use the same question and answer format. It is just the presentation of the questions and the progress display that changes between games. For example, you can use the same ten geography questions in multiple games. When you are ready to play a game in your classroom simply log into your account, open a game, and select your questions to use in the game. You then project the game on a screen in front of your classroom and when students answer a question correctly, you mark it correct and their game pieces move forward on the digital game board.

Applications for Education
Blended Play is essentially a set of digital board game templates that you can project in your classroom to use for group review activities. It's a nice alternative to the standard Jeopardy or Bingo review activities that have been around since the dawn of time for decades. Using Blended Play isn't going to radically change your classroom, but it could provide a nice way to engage kids in a review activity.