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Friday, July 29, 2016

Why Are Olympic Records Always Broken? - And Other Olympics Resources

The 2016 Summer Olympic Games are just one week away now. From archery to rowing to track and field, over the course of the games many world and Olympic records will be broken. That raises the question, why are records almost always broken? ASAP Science tackled that question just before the 2014 Winter Olympics and the answers to the question also apply to summer events. The answers are explained in the video embedded below.

For more resources to help students learn about the Summer Olympic Games take a look at the CBC Kids Olympics page. There you will find games and word puzzles about a variety of sports including archery, soccer, swimming, and weight lifting.

Larry Ferlazzo has assembled a substantial list of resources for learning about the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. Larry started that list nearly a year ago. His list includes resources for learning about the Paralympics.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Faster, Higher, Stronger - History of Olympic Records

The Evolving Olympic Athlete is a set of interactive images depicting the changes in Olympic athletic records from 1896 to 2008. Visitors to the site can click through each image to see the decline in race times for running and swimming events. Visitors can also click through to see increases in distances for jumping and throwing events.

Applications for Education
The Evolving Olympic Athlete could be a nice little resource for prompting students to think about why race times have consistently decreased over time and throwing distances have increased.

I learned about The Evolving Olympic Athlete from Larry Ferlazzo who has a great list of resources for teaching and learning about the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Olympic Challenge 2012 - Olympics-inspired Lessons

Through a Tweet from Jen Deyenberg earlier this week I learned about a neat collaborative project started by Chris Leach. Olympic Challenge 2012 is a series of academic challenges based upon Summer Olympic events. Right now there are twenty-two challenges proposed. Teachers can sign-up to have their students "challenge" other classrooms. Or you could simply have your students try the challenges without challenging another classroom. Here's one of the fun challenges in the list; Tennis: draw faces on tennis balls and then animate them to tell a story.