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Friday, April 13, 2012

Using the Swabr Microblogging Platform in Schools

Back in January I wrote a short review of a new microblogging platform called Swabr. Swabr allows you to create your own private microblogging system that only people you authorize can join. Think of it like Twitter except closed off to everyone except those people you really want to interact with.

Back in January I suggested some ways that Swabr could be used in schools. This morning I learned through a Swabr blog post that there are schools now using Swabr as, in Swabr's words, bulletin board 2.0.

Applications for Education
Beyond using Swabr as bulletin board 2.0, it could be used by instructors to create discussion groups and study groups.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Swabr - Create a Private Microblogging Network

Swabr is a new service providing organizations with a platform for creating their own private microblogging networks. Members of your Swabr microblogging network can share and respond to short messages in the style of Twitter or Edmodo.

To create your private microblogging network on Swabr sign-up using the email address of your organization. Then invite people to join your network. To join your network other users will have to an email address from your organization's domain. For example, I created a network that only people with a email address can join.

Applications for Education
If you're looking to create a closed online environment in which the faculty or students can share short messages on school-related issues, Swabr could be a good tool for that.