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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

LocaModa - An Easy Way to Gather Tweets

Last month I wrote about Wiffiti. Wiffiti is a tool for gathering and displaying feedback via text messages. Last week I learned about a new offering from Wiffiti called LocaModa. LocaModa provides an easy way to gather and display Tweets about a topic.

Here's how LocaModa works. LocaModa provides a display board of all Tweets tagged with the hashtags that you specify. When you create your board just title it and specify which hashtags you want to be collected and displayed. As a test I created a LocaModa board that gathers and displays all Tweets containing the hashtags #edchat and #edtech. You can see a screenshot of that board below or visit the board here.

Applications for Education
Over the weekend people were Tweeting Titanic events in the times and sequences that they actually happened on the night the Titanic sunk. If you wanted to gather and display those Tweets in your classroom, you could do so with LocaModa. If you're using Twitter in your classroom to have students follow a news story, LocaModa could be useful for that too. Or if you're using Twitter as a backchannel in your classroom, using LocaModa could be a great way to monitor those conversations.