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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Testmoz - A Simple Tool for Giving Tests Online

Testmoz is a simple service for creating and administering multiple choice tests online. Testmoz provides a unique url for the tests you create. Testmoz also provides a "pass code" that test takers have to enter. As the administrator of the tests you create you can quickly see who has taken your test and how many questions they answered correctly.

To create an online test on Testmoz just click "make a test" then pick a name for your test and set an administrative password. After you choose an administrative password, Testmoz assigns your test its own unique url. That's the url you will give to students to take your test. It's in the set-up process that you also assign the "pass code" for test takers.

Applications for Education
Creating quizzes and posting them online through Google Docs is a relatively simple process. Writing the formulas to make those quizzes self-graded take some time to get right. If you're looking for a simpler option for giving multiple choice quizzes online, Testmoz is worth your time to give it a try.

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Collaborative Diagramming Tool Cacoo Leaves Beta

Cacoo, a collaborative diagramming tool that I reviewed when it launched last year, has now left beta. Cacoo changed their pricing structure while leaving beta, but the good news is that they still have a free version and the free version offers plenty of functionality for most classroom uses. The free version allows for 15 collaborators on a diagram and up to 25 diagrams per account.

Cacoo allows you to draw shapes, type, and drag and drop elements of your diagram. One of the unique aspects of Cacoo is that you can also upload images to include in your diagrams. The collaborative aspect of Cacoo is that you can invite other people to contribute to your diagrams. Cacoo allows you to chat with your collaborators in real-time while you work on your diagrams. Watch the video below to learn more.

Applications for EducationFor students that are visual learners, creating diagrams can be very helpful in forming an understanding of concepts. I often use diagrams or mind maps in my US History classes to help students understand how multiple themes apply to a particular event. I can see myself having my US History students use Cacoo to contribute to the creation of diagram about the themes of post-Civil War Reconstruction.

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