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Monday, December 24, 2012

Detext Could Put the Brakes on Distracted Teen Driving

 Detext is an Android application that is designed to prevent a phone from accepting or sending calls and texts while it is in a moving vehicle. The application will send an automated message back to anyone that tries to call or text the phone while it is in a moving vehicle. Detext can be installed by parents on their teenagers' phones. In addition to blocking incoming calls and texts parents can set Detext to send an alert to their phones if their teenage drivers are speeding.

Applications for Education
The high school in my school district as well as many surrounding districts have launched aggressive campaigns about distracted driving. Awareness of apps like Detext could be good items to include the educational materials distributed to parents and their teenage drivers.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gauging Your Distraction - A Good Game for Teen Drivers

The New York Times has an excellent interactive game that every teen driver or aspiring driver should play at least once. Gauging Your Distraction requires players to try to read and reply to three text messages while negotiating lanes of traffic. The game ends when all three messages have been sent. I gave the game a try and found it to be quite challenging.

Applications for Education
Gauging Your Distraction is an excellent activity to incorporate into a driver training program. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Must-See Video for Teen Drivers

Responsible Young Drivers, a Belgium-based organization, recently released a video that I think all teen drivers should watch. In the video teens are put into cars on test courses and told to text various phrases while navigating the course. None of them can do it. Their reactions are worth noting too.

Impossible Texting While Driving Test - Watch More Funny Videos