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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

WikiWhere - A Challenging Map Game

WikiWhere is a neat map-based trivia game. The goal of the game is to identify cities based on their descriptions. The descriptions come from Wikipedia entries. You can get up to three clues before you have to answer by clicking on the map to identify the city that you think is described by the excerpts. When you click on the map you'll be shown the correct answer and how far away you were from the correct answer.

Applications for Education
WikiWhere could be a fun and challenging way for students to test their knowledge of world geography. One way to extend the use of the game would be to set a rule for students that if they were off by more than 50 or 100 miles that they then have to do some light research about the city.

H/T to Maps Mania.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

JohnnyAppl - Play Trivia Games and Plant Real Trees

Update April 2016: This appears to have gone offline. 

JohnnyAppl is a fun online trivia game that is perfect for Earth Day. JohnnyAppl offers a variety of trivia quizzes that you can play anonymously or as a registered user (via Facebook log-in). Similar to Free Rice, the game is supported by banner advertising on the right-hand side of the screen. The revenue from the advertising is used buy and plant trees through the Eden Reforestation Program.

As a player on JohnnyAppl you are credited with helping to plant a tree after correctly answering 150 questions. Don't worry, you don't have to answer all of them in one session. JohnnyAppl has trivia bunches of quizzes in categories including geography, vocabulary, science, and technology. After answering ten questions in a quiz you are given a score that shows you how you did compared to others taking the same quiz.

Applications for Education
JohnnyAppl is a site, like Free Rice, that I would like to on my classroom blog as a fun and somewhat educational resource for students to use during some free time if they finish a lesson early or are simply looking for something fun to do at home.

H/T to CNET.

Friday, February 20, 2015

That's Baloney! - A Fun Trivia Game for Kids

Parts of this post originally appeared on my other blog,

That’s Baloney! is a free iPad app designed to engage elementary school students in fun games about science, language arts, math, and social studies facts. The app has levels appropriate for students in grades two through six. The concept behind the games is a simple one; a statement is shown to the student and he or she has to decide if it’s “baloney” or if it’s true. The games is over after four incorrect choices or after answering all questions correctly. Students are shown a summary of correct and incorrect answers at the end of each game.

Applications for Education
Four players can play That’s Baloney! on the same iPad. Playing a few rounds of That’s Baloney! could be a fun way to get students to try to recall information from previous lessons. It’s also the kind of educational app that parents and children can use together.

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