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Thursday, March 3, 2022

How to Create and Share Clips of YouTube Videos

Over the years there have been many third-party tools that offered ways to clip and share portions of YouTube videos. Most of those don't last too long before Google/ YouTube changes something that renders those tools useless. Now YouTube offers its own integrated tool for creating and sharing short clips of videos. 

You'll find YouTube's clipping tool directly under the title (next to the share button) of the video you're viewing. Click that clip button and you can select a 15 to 60 second segment of the video. Once you've selected a clip, you can share that clip via the URL that YouTube provides for it. The clip will play on a loop wherever you share it including when you embed it into website. 

Watch this short video to learn how to create and share clips of YouTube videos. 

This method of sharing a section of a YouTube video is faster and easier than trying to use a third-party tool. It's also easier than inserting the video into a Google Slide and then specifying start and end times for the video in Google Slides (learn about that method in this video).

Applications for Education
Sometimes all you need is a short clip of a video to help you illustrate a point or spark a discussion. This clipping tool provides a good way to easily and accurately share just the portion of a longer video that you need to illustrate a point or spark discussion.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Three Places to Find Free Video Clips for Classroom Projects - And How to Share Them

On Sunday I published a fairly extensive guide to finding media for classroom projects. That guide was entirely text-based. A few folks have asked if I can include some video tutorials in it. Therefore, yesterday I recorded the following short video in which I show three places to find free video clips that you can download and share with your students to use in classroom projects.

Learn more about working with media and making videos in my upcoming course, Video Projects for Every Classroom.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

How to Find Public Domain Videos on Flickr

Flickr is known for hosting millions of images, but it also hosts lots of videos. The advanced search tools within Flickr make it easy to find videos that have Creative Commons licenses or have a public domain designation. With just one click those videos can be downloaded to your computer. Watch my video embedded below to learn how to find public domain videos on Flickr.

Applications for Education
If your students need video clips to use in slideshows or in video creation projects, Flickr can be a good place to find clips that they can reuse. If you're worried about students downloading too many files or downloading files that aren't appropriate for a classroom project, I recommend using a shared Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive folder as a gallery of pre-screened media. Put some files into one of those services that your students can then access to download public domain video clips.