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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Explain It Like I'm Five - Cute Explanatory Videos from Reddit and Donors Choose

Reddit has started to produce a new series of cute explanatory videos sponsored by Donors Choose. The videos feature two adults trying to explain complex topics to five year old children. So far three videos have been added to the series. Those videos cover the stock market, Syria, and Existentialism. I've embedded the stock market video below.

Applications for Education
While watching these videos I was reminded of a project that one of my colleagues used to do with his ninth grade social studies students. He had his students create simple picture books to explain things like supply and demand to fourth grade students. That same idea is used in the Reddit videos and you could have high school students create similar videos to explain topics to elementary school students.

If you need a video production tool, give WeVideo or Pixorial a try.

H/T to TechCrunch.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Video Explanations of IPOs

Your students may have heard that Facebook is going to make an IPO sometime soon. If they haven't heard that or if you haven't heard that, check out today's episode of CNN Student News. Your students might be wonder, what is an IPO? Here are a couple of videos explaining the answer to that question.

The YouTube channel Investopedia has a bunch of videos explaining financial topics. Included in their list of videos is a one minute explanation of IPOs.

Another YouTube channel offering simple explanations of financial topics is Finance Guy Video. Finance Guy Video uses the iPad app Show Me to create short whiteboard lessons. His explanation of IPOs, embedded below, includes the recent examples of LinkedIn and Zillow IPOs.