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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Great Interview Questions List Generator

Last night I had the pleasure of interview Wesley Fryer about his new ebook Playing With Media (full disclosure he gave me free access for review). The interview will be published next week after I have some time to edit it. One of the things that I told Wesley during the interview is that even though I look at hundreds of tech tools every month, I still found some new-to-me things in his ebook. One of those great new-to-me things that I found in his ebook is Story Corps's Great Questions Lists and Great Questions Generator.

The Great Questions Lists and Great Questions Generator provide you with excellent questions that you can use when interviewing people about their lives or about the lives' of others. The Great Questions Lists is just a list of questions that you can select on your own. The Great Questions Generator will help you select the best questions for the person or people you're planning to interview.

Applications for Education
I remember a couple of times that one of my English and or Social Studies teachers had my class interview a parent, grandparent, or community member. I'm sure there are plenty of teachers who still do that. The Story Corps Great Questions List could provide students with a framework for questions for those interviews.

On a related note, here is the latest animated story from Story Corps. It's a about a fearsome Sunday School teacher. I think you'll enjoy it.

Monday, September 20, 2010

22 Minutes With EdTech Pros

For the last couple of months Kimberly Warrner at Simple K12 has been recording two minute video interviews with educators. The videos feature educators talking about some of their favorite ed tech tools. Today, on the Simple K12 blog there is a list of the first eleven videos that are now available. I'm in one of them talking about

Applications for Education
The Simple K12 video interviews with educators are a good way to hear to practicing educators about how they are using some of their favorite resources in their classrooms. In two minutes you can pick up some good nuggets of information that you could quickly put into practice.

Disclosure: I have done some work for Simple K12 and have a marketing relationship with Simple K12.