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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Seven Zoom Tutorials to Watch Before School Starts

As the new school year approaches I've been getting a lot questions about Zoom. I have published some tutorials on my YouTube channel that address most of those questions. Until this morning I haven't put them all together in one place. Here are my Zoom tutorial videos.

The Basics of Hosting a Zoom Meeting

Zoom from a Student's Perspective (desktop version)

Zoom from a Student's Perspective (mobile version)

Zoom Virtual Background and Green Screen

How to Create a Whiteboard Video in Zoom

How to Flip the Camera in Zoom

5 Things You Should Never Do In a Zoom Meeting (Fun)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Udemy - Free Platform for Teaching Courses Online

Udemy is a new free platform for teaching courses online. Anyone can sign-up for Udemy and start creating courses in minutes. Udemy offers a variety of tools for delivering content online. Course creators can publish slideshows, publish videos, and create mash-ups of slideshows and videos synched together. Course creators can also hold live online sessions through Udemy's virtual classroom platform. I tried all of these tools earlier tonight and had them all working in less than ten minutes.

The video below provides an overview of Udemy's services.

Applications for Education
Udemy could be a good platform for creating and delivering professional development seminars. You could publish your content online where teachers can then access it at their convenience. If you then have teachers who would like some live instruction you can use Udemy's live virtual classroom space.