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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More than 100 Webcam Resources from Simple K12

Back in April I announced on this blog a partnership with Simple K12. This is not a financial relationship, we simply swapped advertising space on each other's blogs. For the last two months Simple K12 offered a virtual field trip kit through Free Technology for Teachers. This month, Simple K12 is offering their free Web Cam Toolkit. Simple K12's Web Cam Toolkit has two parts; a guide for using webcams and a list of more than 100 live webcams from around the world. The webcams include views of natural features like geysers, animals in their natural habitats, and cityscapes. If you're looking to bring some live visuals into your classroom check out the resources offered in Simple K12's Web Cam Toolkit.

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Four Places to Watch Wildlife Live on the Web

Earlier today I saw someone Tweet a link to the CBC British Columbia Eagle Cam (sorry I forgot to note who it was, if it was you, please leave a comment and take credit). That eagle cam got me searching for other live wildlife camera feeds. I came across three more live wildlife feeds that I think teachers could use with their students.

Wild Earth TV provides eleven live video feeds of animals in the wild. As I write this I'm watching the Bear Den feed featuring Lily the Black Bear. Lily has almost 100,000 Facebook fans. While watching the video feeds, registered users can chat with each other about what they're seeing. If the video feed is not live when you visit the website, you can choose from any number of recorded videos.

The USDA Forest Service has four wildlife camera feeds but as I write this only one, the Eagle Cam, seems to functioning properly. In addition to the cameras the USDA Forest Service offers a nice collection of teaching resources including full lesson plans and slideshows about the birds, fish, and mammals recorded on their wildlife cameras.

Africam provides four live feeds featuring African wildlife. If you visit the site and the feed is dark (which is likely if you're watching in the afternoon in North or South America), check out the archived recordings.

Applications for Education
These live wildlife feeds could be useful for showing students animals in their natural environments. I watched the bear in her den and thought that it might be neat for an elementary school class to track how many days the bear spends hibernating in her den.