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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Word Girl Definition Competition

Word Girl, the popular Scholastic animated character, is hosting a live definition competition on April 27. The competition will be broadcast live on the web and your classroom could be invited to participate on the spot. The Definition Competition will ask students to answer questions about word usage, definitions, and reading comprehension. Just for registering and entering you'll also be eligible for randomly chosen prizes. Read all of the rules pertaining to the contest here.

Applications for Education
Preparing for the Definition Competition could be a fun way to get students excited about Language Arts. To help your students prepare for the Word Girl Definition Competition Scholastic offers webcast event kit to all registered teachers. You can register on the Definition Competition homepage.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Join Me On Higher Ed Live This Sunday at 7pm

This Sunday at 7pm (EST) I'll be joining host Seth Odell as his guest on Higher Ed Live. We'll be talking about the current ed tech landscape, the future of ed tech, and of course I'll share a few of my favorite resources. It's only a half hour show but we may get in some viewer questions from the chat. And as an added bonus for attending you'll get to see me webcasting from my fly tying room our laundry folding room the guest room in our house. Click here to join us.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Polar Bears International Educational Webcasts & More

Polar Bears International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about polar bear populations and conservation of their habitat. One of the ways that PBI strives toward that goal is through educational outreach programs like Tundra Connections. Tundra Connections is a series of live webcasts from the Arctic tundra in which viewers have the opportunity to ask questions of polar bear and climate change scientists. The current webcast series has ended, but the webcast video archives can be viewed now.  

Thanks to Steve Dembo for the link on Twitter.

Applications for Education
In addition to the webcasts and webcast video archives, Polar Bears International offers free lesson plans. PBI's educational tools section (separate from lesson plans) offers handbooks, quizzes, posters, and many links to external sites related to the study of polar bears.

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