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Wednesday, February 20, 2013 - Host and Join Webinars on Any Device is a service that allows you to host webinars that can be accessed from any laptop, desktop, or tablet (including iPad) that has a web browser. does not require you to install any special software nor does it use Flash or Java. When you create your account on you can pick a name and URL for your room. That name and URL can be yours for as long as you like and as many times as you like within the limitations of your account's time limitations. In your meetings you can share your desktop, your webcam, and transfer files to attendees. Watch the video below to see how works.

Applications for Education has a free plan that allows you to have three people join each of your meetings. And you have 500 minutes of meeting time in that free account. The free plan could be good for hosting small online tutoring sessions.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012 Offers an iPad App for Virtual Conferences is a web conferencing service that makes it easy to share your screen and talk with others in realtime. I first gave it a try in 2010. Since then's list of features has expanded. The latest feature is a new iPad app that you can use to host or join virtual conferences on The iPad app is free to download and use to join conferences hosted by others. To host your own conference through the iPad app you will have to be a subscriber to pro. There is a still a free hosting option for the desktop version of

Applications for Education takes just a few minutes to set-up on your desktop. Once it's set up you can share your screen and invite others to join your conference. Joining a conference doesn't require anything other than entering the room number assigned to the conference. This ease of joining a conference makes a convenient tool for students to use to get some virtual assistance from you.

H/T to TechCrunch.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

BigMarker Updates Their Free Web Conferencing Tools

BigMarker is a free web conferencing service that I tried last year. This week some nice enhancements were added to BigMarker. The major change to BigMarker is the redesign of the web conference rooms to make them simpler and more intuitive to use. To make listening to conferences easier, you no longer have to have a headset to use BigMarker and you can now listen to conferences (but not start them) on your Android device.

Applications for Education
Big Marker could be a great tool for conducting online tutoring sessions and lessons. Students working on collaborative projects could use Big Marker to brainstorm and plan for completion of their projects. As a professional development resource Big Marker could be useful for facilitating workshops online.