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Monday, December 17, 2018

Kids World Atlas - An iPad App for Learning About Animals Around the World

Last week I wrote a review of the Kids U.S. Atlas iPad app. That app offers an interactive map of the United States that kids can tap on to learn about 25 animals that are indigenous to the United States. Kids World Atlas is the companion app to the Kids U.S. Atlas. Kids World Atlas uses the same format as Kids U.S. Atlas.

Kids World Atlas features a map of the world that students can tap on to learn about forty animals around the world. Students simply tap an animal on the map and new window pops-up with a picture of that animal and brief text passage about it. The app has videos about some of the animals on the map. Unfortunately, unlike Kids U.S. Atlas, Kids World Atlas doesn't offer narration of the text passages.

Like the Kids US Atlas app, the Kids World Atlas app is a freemium app. The animal map is free. There are other maps available through in-app purchases at $1.99 a piece.

Applications for Education
Just like the Kids US Atlas app the Kids World Atlas iPad app to learn some basic facts about animals. A follow-up activity to students exploring the app would be to have them chose a favorite animal on the map and then research the characteristics of that animal that make it suited to its habitat.

Monday, January 2, 2012

itv Wild - Video Clips About Wildlife

Update April 2014: This site appears to have gone offline. 

itv Wild is a great website for finding video clips and longer feature programs  about wildlife found all over the world. itv Wild is designed for elementary school age students to learn about the challenges facing wildlife around the world today. Visitors to itv Wild can browse the selection of clips and features or search by keyword. itv Wild offers a game for students to test their knowledge of the wildlife and habitats they learned about in the various videos and features they have watched.

Applications for Education
The videos on itv Wild could be useful for supporting an elementary school lesson about endangered wildlife and habitats. itv Wild does include a simple rating system to advise you as to whether or not a particular set of clips might be upsetting to young students (the set of Polar Bear videos has this warning). That could be very helpful in selecting appropriate clips for your students to watch.