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Saturday, January 1, 2011

FedEx Experience - Interactive Data Maps

FedEx, a company that employed me for almost seven years, has a really neat interactive data map. The FedEx 3D Experience is an interactive map that changes the shape and size of countries in response to the data sets you select. There are twenty-one data categories and each category has three different data sets within it. For example, if I select the data category "household appliances" I'll be able to see a mapped representation of television imports, refrigerator imports, and washing machine imports by country. If you don't want to select data sets you can just let the map autoplay through all of the data sets and watch the map change as it goes through each data set.

Thanks to Larry Ferlazzo for the great find.

Applications for Education
The FedEx 3D Experience is a good way to see country by country comparisons of interesting data sets. Some of the categories of data, like "household appliances," are a little more relatable to students than the GDP, GNP type of data sets often found in maps like this.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

World Clock - World Statistics in Real-time

World Clock is a neat little website that provides continuous updates of demographic statistics from around the world. The clock continuously updates data on topics including, but not limited to, population growth, oil produced, cars produced, and deaths caused by various illnesses. The data used in the World Clock comes from the World Health Organization, CIA Factbook, and the US Census Bureau.

Applications for Education
World Clock could be useful for showing students how quickly the world's population is changing, the seriousness of some illnesses, or the rate of oil production in the world.

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