Sunday, September 27, 2009

Good Presentation Advice from Guy Kawasaki

I find Guy Kawasaki to be one of the most entertaining presenters in the field of social media. In this short video Guy offers some excellent advice about creating and giving slide presentations.

Applications for Education
For students the key point in this video is Guy's comments about knowing your presentation well enough that you do not have to read from the slides. Reading from slides is a trap that I find a lot of students fall into. One way to help students avoid that pitfall is to have them present with Ignite-style
presentations in which the slides automatically advance.

Great Classroom Discussion Guidelines

Angela Cunningham is a great teacher in my PLN that I was fortunate enough to meet at NECC/ISTE 2009. Yesterday, Angela tweeted that this post from May is still the most popular post on her blog. After a Tweet like that, I had to check out the post. It turns out the post was this diagram for students about how to be good participants in classroom discussions. I've embedded the diagram below, but I highly recommend that you also visit Angela's blog where you'll find lots of other great posts like this one about holding a "cafe conversation" in class.

Class Discussion Guidelines

RSS/ Email Advertising Issue Fixed

It was brought to my attention that some email subscribers were seeing questionable advertising content from "dating" sites in their email feeds from Free Technology for Teachers. I have, hopefully, fixed this issue by blocking that ad category from appearing again (it could take 24 hours for the change to take effect). My sincerest apologies to anyone that may have seen questionable advertising images.

Technology Integration - Myths and Opportunities

Late last week I came across this great video while reading the comments on a post by Angela Maiers. The video features Alan November discussing the myths and opportunities of using technology in the classroom. In the video Alan mentions how there needs to be a paradigm shift by educators from the model of teacher centered curriculum to student centered curriculum and how that shift can happen with proper technology integration practices. The video is thought provoking and well worth thirteen minutes of your time.

Myths and Opportunities: Technology in the Classroom by Alan November from Brian Mull on Vimeo.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

BBC World News for Children

The amount of educational content available from the BBC is simply amazing. No matter how many times I visit the various BBC websites, it seems like there is always something new for me to learn about. This evening, through a link on Silvia Tolisano's Langwitches blog, I learned about the BBC's World News for Children podcasts. The daily podcasts are roughly four to five minutes long and targeted to an audience of children seven to fourteen years old. The scripts from each podcast are made available for every new episode.

Applications for Education
These daily news podcasts from the BBC could be an excellent resource for anyone teaching current events. To keep kids reading, you could have them read the scripts while listening to the podcasts.

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