Thursday, November 10, 2011

Cite This For Me - A Reference List Generator

Cite This For Me is a tool designed to help students correctly format reference lists or citation pages. To create a reference list using Cite This For Me students simply need to fill in the required information in each box, sort them alphabetically, and download the formatted reference page. Cite This For Me provides formatting not only printed materials and websites, but also for things like podcasts, online videos, and even email correspondence.

Applications for Education
Cite This For Me could be a very handy tool for students who have used a lot of online materials like podcasts in their research work. Rather than guessing at the formatting or trying to adapt from another style guide, students simply enter the required information and get a properly formatted citation in return.

Videos, Animations, and Explanations of Continents and Drift

Here are two quick resources for teaching about continents and continental drift. First, from the San Diego Supercomputer Center we have this animation of continental drift. Press play, pause, and rewind to see how the continents fit together.

Below is a video that asks and tries to answer the questions, "what are continents?" and "how many continents are there?" The video proposes a handful of different ways to look at how we divide the world. The arguments can basically be broken down to cultural geography versus physical geography.

Applications for Education
The SDSC animation is a good visual tool to support a lesson on continents. The video above could challenge students to think about how we divide the world and difference between cultural and physical geography.

Math Chimp - Math Games for Elementary School

There is certainly not any shortage of free mathematics games on the web, but sorting through them all to find the ones that address your curriculum goals can be time-consuming. That's when sites like Math Chimp can be helpful. Math Chimp is a catalog of more than one hundred online mathematics games for elementary school students. Teachers can find games on Math Chimp by selecting the grade that they teach then selecting a standard or objective. After you make those selections Math Chimp will direct you to an appropriate mathematics game for your students.

If you like Math Chimp, here are some other math resources you might want to explore:
Ghost Blasters, Math Blasters
Interactive Algebra
Arcademic Math Games
11 Mathematics Resources to Try in 2011

KQED Ed Space Do Now - Quick Current Events Activities

KQED Public Media's website has a small section of its Ed Space pages dedicated to short current events-based Do Now activities that teachers can use in their classrooms. These weekly Do Now activities present a current events topic, some background information (both text and video), and a couple of discussion prompts. New Do Now activities are posted every Friday.

Applications of Education
KQED's Do Now activities aren't terribly in-depth, but they could be good lesson starters. For more in-depth lesson ideas you should explore KQED's curriculum bank where you can search for lessons by subject and grade level.

7 Billion Actions - The Stories Behind 7 Billion People

7 Billion Actions is a campaign of the United Nations Population Fund to build awareness of the challenges and opportunities that accompany our growing global population. One element of the 7 Billion Actions campaign is a set of population data analysis tools for the public. The 7 Billion Actions Explore Your World tools enable users to compare demographic, economic, and social data sets related to population change. The video below provides a demonstration of one of the ways that you can use the Explore Your World data analysis tools.

Another aspect of 7 Billion Actions that teachers may want students to explore is the Stories section in which people all over the world can share their stories related issues of population change.

The campaign resources section of 7 Billion Actions has a handful of videos addressing issues related to population growth. One of those videos is embedded below.