Friday, January 13, 2012

A Math Lesson from an NBA Legend

Dan Meyer shared this video earlier on Twitter and I just have to pass it along. NBA legend Shaquille O'Neal is now a host on TNT's Inside the NBA show. Last night he had a little trouble calculating percentages. I used Embed Plus to queue-up the video to the section in which he struggles with the calculation.

Applications for Education
Queue-up the video and show it to your students. Stop it before the correct answer is explained to Shaq and ask your students why Charles Barkley is laughing at Shaq's comment.

Work With Up To 31 Days of Gmail Messages While Offline

Yesterday, on the Official Gmail Blog, Google announced a couple of nice enhancements to the Offline Google Mail Chrome Web App. Now you can choose to synchronize seven, fourteen, or thirty-one days of Gmail messages to work with offline. When you use the Offline Google Mail Chrome Web App you can read and respond to messages without an Internet connection. Then when you reconnect to the Internet your mail will be synced and your messages sent.

Another nice enhancement add to the Offline Google Mail Chrome Web App is support for attachments. Now not only will your messages be downloaded and synced, the attachments to your messages will be too.

Applications for Education
Offline Google Mail Chrome Web App is a great resource for anyone who wants to be able to work with their email even when their disconnected from the web.

PassCreator Helps You Create Strong Passwords

One of the best ways to protect your online identity is to create strong passwords containing unique characters. Sometimes it's difficult to think of new strong passwords. When you're having a mental block thinking up a new password try PassCreator. PassCreator is a free service that helps you create a strong password. To use PassCreator just select the attributes you want your password to have (number of characters, character type, etc.) then press "create." If you don't like the password created for you, just press "create" again to generate another password.

Applications for Education
If your students are having trouble coming up with secure passwords, have them try PassCreator. In my experience it's often teachers that have weak passwords (using the default "HelpDesk" or "ABC123" password given to you is a bad idea). If you're in charge of distributing laptops or tablets to the faculty at your school, have teachers try PassCreator to generate a strong password.

Send to Kindle - Send Docs from Your PC to Your Kindle

Send to Kindle is a free Windows program from Amazon. The purpose of Send to Kindle is to enable you to send documents from your computer to your Kindle or another device, such as an iPad, that has a Kindle app installed. With Send to Kindle installed on your PC you can right-click on a document file and transfer it wirelessly to your Kindle device.

Applications for Education
Send to Kindle could be handy for anyone that needs to read reports or other documents while away from a computer and or without Internet access. Send the reports you want to review to your Kindle device and read them whenever and wherever you take your tablet. For students this could be a good way to proofread their works.

Seven Ways to Quickly and Easily Share Files

The trouble with large digital files is that they can sometimes be difficult to share with others. If you've ever tried to send a large media file as an email attachment, you may have encountered a problem with a recipient's email inbox not being large enough to accommodate that file. Here are some free services that will allow you to share large files without the hassle of zipping files or sending email attachments.

Just Beam It is a service for quickly and easily sharing files with your colleagues. To use the service just visit and drag a file from your desktop to the Just Beam It transfer box. After dragging your file, Just Beam It generates an unique url for your file. Give that link to the person or people you want to be able to download your files. Just Beam It supports files up to 2GB. Watch the short video below for an overview of Just Beam It in action.

JustBeamIt from JustBeamIt on Vimeo.

Uploader Box is a free service for sharing large files with your friends and colleagues. To use the service just upload a file from your computer, enter your email address, and enter the email addresses of your intended recipients. Once your file is uploaded, Uploader Box will provide you with two urls. One of the urls is for sharing your file and the other is for deleting your file if you decide you no longer want to share it.

Let's Crate offers a very easy way to share files. To use Let's Crate just drag a file from your desktop to the Let's Crate page. Let's Crate then creates a unique url that you can send to others so that they can access your file. The unique url expires after 30 minutes unless you create a free Let's Crate account in which case you can keep files on Let's Crate as long as you need them.

Minus ( provides a simple way to share files with anyone. To use Minus just drag a file onto the blank Minus canvas. Once your file is on the canvas Minus will provide you with links to share your file with others. Minus will also generate a HTML code that you can use to embed your file into a blog or website. Those people with whom you share the url for your file can also download your file.

Go Pileus is another simple service for quickly sharing files. To use Go Pileus just drag a file from your desktop to the Go Pileus page in your browser. Alternatively, you can select upload on Go Pileus to browse for files on your computer. Once your chosen file is uploaded Go Pileus will create a short url for your file. Share that url with the people you want to be able to view and save your file. You can use Go Pileus without creating an account, but your files expire after thirty minutes. Creating an account on Go Pileus will allow your files to be accessible longer.

Forget Box is a service for sharing large files and collections of files with just a click or two. Forget Box is a not a web app, you do have to install the free Forget Box software on your desktop. With Forget Box installed, right-click on the file(s) you want to share, select a contact from your address book, and send off the file. Your recipient will receive an email with a link to download the file(s) you've shared. Forget Box doesn't have any stated file size limitations.

Bay Files, like the similar services on this list, allows you to upload a file for quick and easy sharing. When you upload a file to Bay Files, Bay Files generates a series of download links that you can give to the people you want to access your files. So instead of sending an email with a big file attachment you can just direct people to the download link associated with your file. You can use Bay Files without registering, but if you do choose to register you can share larger files than can unregistered users.