Saturday, February 25, 2012

Week in Review - The Snow is Back and I Am Too

Good morning from Maine where the snow has returned and I have too. If you were on vacation this week as I was, I hope that you enjoyed your time away from school.    Speaking of vacation, thank you to all of the guest bloggers who stepped-in for me this week. I enjoyed reading all of the guest posts and I hope that all of you did too.

It's seems hard to believe, but the month is almost over. Next month I'll be speaking at three public events. If I'm in your area please come out and say hello. These are the three public events at which I will be speaking.
Ed Tech Teacher 2012 Winter Conference - March 3
NCTIES Annual Conference - March 7-9
Teacher 2 Teacher - March 22-23

Here are this week's most popular posts:
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2. Flipping Your Classroom with Free Web Tools
3. Browse for Primary Sources on the World Digital Library Map
4. Visualizing Cultures - Image-Driven Scholarship
5. Technology Education for Pre-Service Teachers
6. Web 2.0 Collaborative Projects in Middle School
7. Creating Interactive Bulletin Boards

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Heart Rap - A Rap Explanation of How the Heart Works

Rhyme 'n Learn is back with another educational rap music video. This latest addition to their catalog is called Ur Blood, Brother. The video explains the basic functions of the human heart. The video can be found on YouTube or on the Rhyme 'n Learn website. The video includes captions with the lyrics. If you want an easy-to-print version of the lyrics, visit Rhyme 'n Learn.

Applications for Education
As I was watching the video last night I thought to myself,  "this is kind of like Khan Academy set to rap." The video has some basic graphics to support the text. The video could be a catchy review for some students.

How War Stories Inspire Learning

How War Stories Inspire Children to Learn is an interesting audio slideshow from the BBC. The presentation features Dr. Geoff Fox talking about three books and their influence on the way that children think about and learn about war. The three books Dr. Fox discusses are The Machine Gunners, War Horse, and Carrie's War. The slideshow includes archival images of WWI and WWII in England.

Applications for Education
How War Stories Inspire Children to Learn introduced me to a couple of books that I'm going to add to my reading list. Perhaps the slideshow will do the same for you and you'll want to add these books to your classroom.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Explore Russia With the Russian Street View Gallery

Earlier this week Google added Street View imagery of Russia to Google Maps. Now you can explore historic landmarks in Moscow and St. Petersburg from a ground level perspective. Using the Google Maps API, Keir Clarke at Google Maps Mania has pulled together many of the Street View images to create the Russian Street View Gallery.

View Larger Map

Applications for Education
Just as with other Street View images, the Russian Street View Gallery is a step or two better than having students just look at static pictures of the places that they're learning about. The next time you're teaching a lesson about the Russian Revolution use the Street View imagery to them explore the grounds of the Winter Palace.

The Spangler Effect - Experiments and Explanations

The Spangler Effect is a new YouTube channel from Steve Spangler Science. Unlike his popular Sick Science videos which are no more than short demonstrations of science experiments students and parents can do at home, The Spangler Effect videos offer longer (15 minutes or so) explanations of science experiments. The Spangler Effect videos explain the science of do-it-yourself experiments and how you can recreate those experiments at home or in your classroom.

Below you can see the Newton's Pendulum episode of The Spangler Effect.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for some science experiments that students can do at home with their parents, The Spangler Effect and Sick Science videos offer some good ideas to pass along.