Friday, March 2, 2012

Interactive Lessons About Art and Artists

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art has a great collection of multimedia, interactive features about art and artists. In these features you can learn about styles of art, specific works, and the artists. There is a mix of videos and slideshows contained in the interactive archive. The archive contains features about Picasso and Pollock as well as artists whose works aren't quite as famous.

Applications for Education
Art Think is a SFMOMA feature designed to introduce visitors to basics of art. Art Think contains a glossary terms and an introduction to basic uses of shapes, lines, and colors. Art Think also contains an index of dozens of lesson plans that teachers can use in the instruction of art appreciation. The lessons incorporate materials that are featured on the SFMOMA website.

Create Story Cubes With Templates from Read Write Think

Earlier this week I spent some time browsing Read Write Think and came across this lesson plan for creating biography cubes. The biography cube template is part of a larger set of four story cube templates called Cube Creators.

Cube Creators provide templates designed to break the writing process into six distinct parts. There are templates for writing biographies, mysteries, short stories, and a blank template that you can customize. Students enter the required information into the online template. When the template is completed, it can be printed with lines for cutting and folding to create an actual cube.

Applications for Education
Cube Creator templates could help students get started on a writing assignment when they're confronted with writer's block. The templates also provide guidance for outlining and formatting a story. These templates are suitable for elementary school use.

Watch Frostbite Theater from Jefferson Lab

Yesterday, I posted a list of 7 Useful YouTube Channels for Science Students and Teachers. This morning, through a Tweet by Sandra Goodrich,  I learned of another good YouTube channel for science students. Jefferson Lab's YouTube channel includes a playlist titled Frostbite Theater. Frostbite Theater is a collection of 54 videos that offer short lessons in basic chemistry and physics. In the video below students learn about liquid nitrogen shaping pewter.

Applications for Education
If you're looking for some simple science demonstrations to add to your classroom website, Frostbite Theater might have what you need. On a related note, Sandra Goodrich's blog has some great ideas for science teachers. Check out her Marshmallow Chemistry post.

Foodskey - The Science of Food

Foodskey is a site produced by The University of Nottingham who also produces the Periodic Table of Videos. Foodskey is a set of fourteen videos about the science of food. The videos cover topics like nutrition, food security, and crop technology. I've embedded the video about broccoli below.

Applications for Education
Foodskey isn't terribly in-depth yet, but the content that is present could be useful for a short lesson on the science of food. You might use the videos an introduction to a lesson or as part of an editorial moment in your lesson.

The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That

If he was alive today, today Dr. Seuss would be 108. Yesterday, I posted some resources for celebrating his birthday in your school. After that post appeared on Twitter, Shelley Owen told me about The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That. The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That is produced by PBS Kids. The site features online games, videos, puzzles, and printable materials based around the stories of Dr. Seuss.

Applications for Education
If you're an elementary school teacher looking for some puzzles or games that your students can use both offline and online, take a look at The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That. If you're an iPad user, you'll be happy to know that when I browsed the site I noticed that some of the activities are iOS-friendly.