Friday, May 4, 2012

Create Videos Online with WeVideo in Google Drive

For the last six months I've been sharing WeVideo with anyone who has come to me searching for a good online video creation tool. I live WeVideo because it is cloud-based and collaborative. They released an Android app in March that makes mobile, collaborative video editing possible. Now they have a Google Drive app too. The WeVideo Google Drive app allows you to save all of your video projects in your Google Drive account. Learn more about it in the video below.

Use Map a List for a Classroom Genealogy Project

Map a List turns Google Spreadsheet information into Google Maps placemarks. The finished product is a Google Map of the information you've selected from your Google Spreadsheets.

To create a map from your spreadsheets you need to register for a Map a List account and give it access to your Google Docs account. Map a List then walks you through each step of selecting a spreadsheet, defining the parameters for your map, and choosing placemarks. Just like in Google Maps you can customize the placemark icons that are used in your Map a List displays. Your maps can be shared publicly or privately. Your maps can be downloaded as KML files to use in Google Earth.

Applications for Education
Map a List could be a neat tool to use for a classroom genealogy project. Create a spreadsheet form into which students enter information about where their ancestors came from. Students could enter the information themselves or they could share the link to the form and ask their parents or grandparents to fill in some information Then use Map a List to show the distribution of ancestries of the students in your classroom.

If This Then That Helps You Automate Tasks

If This Then That is a helpful website that I learned about from Kern Kelley during a Google+ Hangout last night. If This Then That helps you automate tasks like saving your Pinterest pins to your Evernote account, set text alerts for Google Calendar events, and sending email attachments directly to your Dropbox account. There are thousands of formulas, recipes is what IFTTT calls them, available in the gallery of recipes. The recipes are all contributed by the community of IFTTT members and you can contribute too.

Applications for Education
I don't know of any teachers who couldn't use a little more time in their days. If This Then That won't give you more time in the day, but the recipes could help you automate some tasks and free up time for other things in your day.

Try Miro - A Free, Open-Source Video & Music Player

You're probably familiar with iTunes and Google Music, but have you tried Miro? Miro is an open source media player available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. With Miro installed on your computer you can search for, watch, listen to, and download media. You can search multiple video sources including YouTube and Hulu within the Miro player. When you find a video that you like, you can download it and store it in the Miro player (to clarify; downloading of YouTube videos is not allowed).

If you choose to allow it, Miro can search your computer for existing media files to add to your Miro player. The Miro player can also be synced with your Android device. The latest version of Miro has the capability to stream between devices over a local network. The video below offers an overview of Miro.

Applications for Education
Miro provides a great way to download videos to use offline. If you work in a school that blocks most video sites, Miro is a good application to have installed on your laptop. Download the videos you want to show to students at home and then play them back at school regardless of Internet availability. The mainstream media channels on Miro provide thousands of videos relevant to all content areas. 

Film Story - A Directory of Films About Countries and Historic Eras

Film Story is a directory of films that is organized by era and country. You can click on the map to find films about countries. To find films about eras in world history, you can search by era or subject in history. Film Story is just a directory, it does not host the films. You'll have to search the web for copies of the films.

Applications for Education
If you're a social studies teacher looking for some new-to-you films to use in your lessons, Film Story is a great resource to explore.

H/T to History for Music Lovers