Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Videos - Where the Wild Things Are

Where the Wild Things Are was one of my favorite books as a child. Its author, Maurice Sendak, passed away today at age 83. Read The New York Times obituary about Sendak here. Reading the news of Sendak's passing prompted me to do a quick YouTube search for video versions of Where the Wild Things Are. I've embedded two that I like below.

Recording Google+ Hangouts

I've tried a few different times with a few different methods to record Google+ Hangouts and never have been happy with the quality of the recording. Yesterday, Google announced a remedy for my problem in the form of making Google+ Hangouts on Air available for everyone. Google+ Hangouts on Air will be rolled-out gradually over the next few weeks to all Google+ users. Google+ Hangouts on Air will record your public Google+ Hangouts and upload those recordings to your YouTube account for you. Google's promotional video for this new feature is embedded below.

Applications for Education
Google+ Hangouts on Air could be an alternative to having experts Skype into your classroom. By using Google+ Hangouts on Air you could partner with multiple classrooms to share in the experience of having a virtual guest speak with your students.

View Historical Shoreline Imagery in Google Earth

NOAA recently released a collection of more than 7,000 historical U.S. shoreline topographic images for viewing in Google Earth. The NOAA Historical Shoreline Survey Viewer has thousands of layers that you use to see what the U.S. shoreline looked like going back as far as 1841. The layers can be viewed alone or your can overlay them on top of current imagery. You can launch the KMZ file for this imagery by clicking here or you can read about how to navigate this imagery on the NOAA page. I recommend reading NOAA's information before launching the KMZ file.

Applications for Education
NOAA's Historical Shoreline Survey Viewer could be used to show students how coastlines have changed over time. I found it quite interesting to compare the past shoreline imagery with current imagery of famous fishing towns like Gloucester, Massachusetts. As they view the past and present imagery, ask students to try to explain why the coastlines have changed.

H/T to the Google Earth Blog.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Ten Common Challenges

These are the slides from my talk this morning in New Brunswick.

Google Drive and Docs for Teachers - Free eBook

Last month I published a free ebook titled Google Documents for Teachers. Just two weeks later Google released Google Drive and made Google Documents a part of Google Drive. Therefore, I had to update my ebook. I present to you now, Google Drive and Documents for Teachers. The document is hosted on Box.com. You can download it from there as a PDF Update: I have stopped allowing downloads of this document because too many people were not honoring Creative Commons licensing. After seeing my documents downloaded and used by people for profit, I decided to stop giving away the downloads.