Monday, August 6, 2012

Give Students Flexibility Like Southwest Airlines Does

Over the last couple of weeks I've been sharing this video of Southwest Airlines flight attendant David Holmes rapping pre-flight instructions. I've shown the video to raise this question; what if we gave students the same flexibility to demonstrate understanding that Southwest gives to their flight attendants?

Is your classroom like Southwest Airlines or more like one of the legacy carriers that doesn't let their flight attendants deviate from the script?

Easier Pinning of Free Technology for Teachers

Many of you have asked for a Pinterest button on my posts and I've finally done it. Now at the bottom over every post, below the Link Within related posts you should see a "Pin it" button. Feel free to click it as often as you like.

Watch This Video Then Choose Better Search Terms

Wes Fryer just published a blog post about a Google Search tips presentation given by Lucy Gray. Included in Wes's post he included this seven minute video of a conversation between Dan Russell (Google's Search Anthropologist) and Udi Manbar (VP of Engineering at Google) about strategies for formulating better Google searches.

Applications for Education
Every week Dan Russell publishes a search challenge on his blog that requires you to use some of the strategies that he and Udi discuss in the video above. Watch the video above then try some of Dan's challenges with your students.

Infographic - Google Yourself

One of the most important pieces of managing your digital footprint is knowing what information about you can be found online. As I mentioned here, we need to teach our students to Google themselves. This is especially important for students that are applying to college this fall. Make Use Of recently shared an infographic that reminded me of this. The Google Yourself Challenge makes use of statistics to remind viewers why they need to Google themselves. I've embedded the graphic in below. You can also click here to view the infographic.
Applications for Education
In addition to Googling themselves, I recommend having high school students create Google Alerts for their names and other information that might be related to them. For example, I have a Google Alert set just for "Richard Byrne" and I have one set for "Richard Byrne Technology."

A Short History of Mars Exploration

This morning's / last night's big NASA news is of course the successful landing of  NASA's Mars Curiosity rover. It took eight months for the rover to get to Mars, but the history of Mars exploration is much longer. To help readers get a sense of the history and development of Mars exploration, the Guardian has published a small interactive timeline of Mars exploration.

Mars Exploration Since 1964 is a timeline shaped as an orbit of Mars. Clicking on the dots along the orbit reveals a picture and some brief information about Mars exploration.

CNN offers a slideshow that explores the modern history of Mars exploration.

NASA Explores the Red Planet is also a must-bookmark for all things Mars. On NASA Explores the Red Planet you will find animations, videos, and graphics all about NASA's explorations of Mars.