Sunday, September 16, 2012

Google Apps Ceasing Support for Internet Explorer 8

If your school still insists on using Internet Explorer 8, soon they'll have to update or lose Google Apps functionality. On Friday Google announced that as of November 15 they will no longer support Internet Explorer 8. If you're not sure what browser you're currently using, visit What Browser to check.

My browser of choice is Google Chrome. I like Chrome because it automatically updates and because I can synchronize my tabs across all of the computers and tablets that I use. But whichever browser you use, make sure you update it when new updates are available. Updates generally improve the speed and functionality of your browser. More importantly many browser updates are made to improve the security of your computer. Keeping your browser up to date is an easy step in maintaining your computer's security.


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week In Review - The Posts You Liked the Most

Good morning from Maine where my favorite season has fully arrived. There was a light frost on my lawn earlier this week, the leaves are changing, and the trout fishing is about to get really good. Speaking of trout fishing, that's what I'll be doing by the time this post goes live. Morrison and I are headed up to a friend's camp (cabin is what most people would call it) for a weekend of fishing on Kennebago Lake. I hope that wherever you are, you have equally fun plans for the weekend. If your plans include getting caught up on some ed tech reading, I have a list to get you started.

Here are the most popular of the week:
1. Pinnacle Studio for iPad - An Excellent Video Editor
2. Screen Leap - Share Your Screen In One Click
3. Create & Edit Documents in Google Drive for iPad
4. Infuse Learning - A Great Student Response System
5. Infographics Explained With Legos
6. Gmail for Beginners - A Video Tutorial
7. Pixlr Grabber - A Simple Screen Capture Tool

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Trello - Group Project Management with Google Drive Integration

Trello, a group project management tool that I reviewed in February, recently added support for Google Drive integration. This means that now you attach files from your Google Drive account to tasks and assignments in your Trello group.

Trello's user interface features a basic virtual corkboard-like space to which you and your collaborators can pin task cards. Task cards can be arranged into columns such as "to do," "in progress," and "completed." You can name and arrange the columns however you see fit. Each task card on your Trello board can be assigned to individuals in your group.

Applications for Education
For students working on group projects Trello could be a great tool for assigning and keeping track of the responsibilities of each group member.

How We Can Connect

Thankfully, writing this blog has brought me opportunities to connect with wonderful people all over the world. If you would like to connect there are five places that I am now active outside of my blog.

Twitter: You can find me at where I post a mix of posts from here, interesting things I find online, and occasionally post some non-sequiturs about whatever strikes my fancy. I try my best to reply to @messages, but I don't always see them.

Facebook: I have a Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page which is viewable by anyone. I generally don't accept friend requests from anyone that I have not met in person and or worked with in some capacity. I use my personal Facebook account for keeping up with close friends and family.

Pinterest: This week I decided to start using Pinterest. So far I've started building this board and will create more in the future.

LinkedIn: I'll accept just about any connection request, you can find my profile here. However, I'll only be a reference for you if I have actually worked with you. I think that's only fair to the referral aspect of LinkedIn.

Google+: This is where I'm least active, but if I do occasionally post things that aren't from my blog on my Google+ page.

Friday, September 14, 2012

A Great Guide to Twitter in the Classroom

For a few years now Sylvia Rosenthal Tolisano has been my go-to person for ideas and information about using social media with elementary school students. This summer Sylvia wrote a number of excellent blog posts containing sound information for anyone that has questions about using social media in elementary school classrooms. A couple of weeks ago Sylvia published an eight page guide to Twitter In The K-8 Classroom. The guide is available on Scribd and on Sylvia's blog. I encourage you to read her post about it.

Twitter in K-8 Classroom- Globally Connected Learning