Monday, October 29, 2012

A Handy Attribution Helper for Flickr Images

Correctly formatting Creative Commons image attributions can be a little tricky. Alan Levine (Cog Dog Blog) has developed a Chrome extension that takes the guess work out of formatting image citations for Creative Commons works that you find on Flickr. The Flickr CC Attribution Helper generates text and HTML that you can use in webpages, presentations, and any other place that you 
use someone's Creative Commons works.

Applications for Education
This extension only works in Chrome for Flickr images, but Flickr is one of the largest if not the largest collections of Creative Commons licensed images. If you or your students are using Creative Commons images in presentations and blog posts, give the Flickr CC Attribution Helper a try.

Thanks to Selena Woodward for sharing this handy tool with me on Google+.

Double Your Productivity with Radical Co-location is an advertiser on Free Technology for Teachers. This is their sponsored post.

Ever wonder how software companies like Facebook and Twitter are so productive? One of the industry secrets is that teams work better and communicate more efficiently in a single, big, and open room.
Research at the University of Michigan teams found that teams experience a higher level of work satisfaction and are more productive when they can gather together in the same space, communicating in real-time without any barriers or delays. This type of working environment is called “Radical Co-location.” Members of a team that are not in the same location need a way to collaborate online. Products like Hall can help.

It’s Real-Time
Still using email to communicate and get things done? You’re probably reducing your productivity (and your team’s productivity) by about 40%. The solution is to move your team to group chat.  If you need to work with one person send an instant message (IM): Conversation with a single click of a button - no need to open emails or wait for a response.

It’s Convenient
Hall is one of the only group chat and instant messaging applications that is accessible on all platforms including web, desktop, mobile (iOS & Android). By choosing a product that works on all platforms, you’ll be able to get things done even faster, anytime and anywhere.

It’s Easy to Start
The most important thing to do is to get started. Join Hall and let people know this is your new virtual office where your team gets things done, collaborates, chats, and instant messages. You’ll find real-time collaboration solutions like Hall are a more productive and fun way to stay connected to your team.
Experience group chat and instant messaging at Hall.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bibliography Templates for Google Documents

Tools like EasyBib, refDot, and Citelighter can help students format their bibliographies. One problem with those tools is that students have to install browser extensions, create new accounts, or both in order to use them. If your students already use Google Docs there is an easy-to-access alternative.

The Google Docs template gallery is a good place to check out before you create your next form or document that requires a lot specific formatting. Chances are someone else may have had a similar need and has already created and published a template that you can use. For example, the Google Docs template gallery has templates for creating bibliographies in APA, MLA, AMA, and Chicago Style.

Applications for Education
The Google Docs bibliography templates could be very useful for any student that needs to create a bibliography. The templates can be embedded into a classroom blog as a model for students to follow even if they don't use Google Docs to create their bibliographies. 

Activities for Learning 60 Languages

Digital Dialects has a large selection of educational games and activities for learning sixty different languages. Most of the games are designed to learn and practice the basics of each of the sixty languages listed on the Digital Dialects homepage. The more commonly spoken languages have more activities than the less commonly spoken languages. Audio files have recently been added to some of the languages too.

Applications for Education
The educational games and activities found on Digital Dialects could be useful to students just beginning to learn a new language. Some of the games provide instant feedback to students so that they can monitor their progress and choose the appropriate skills or vocabulary sets to practice. 

Make Your Own PBS Cyberchase SMART Board Game Show

PBS Kids Cyberchase website offers dozens of  educational games for students in grades three through five. The games are intended to help students develop their skills in mathematics, logic, and pattern recognition. Students who have PBS Kids accounts can keep track of the games they've played and rank the games they've played.

If you would like to make your own game for your SMART Board, check out the PBS Kids Lucky Star Game Show template. The template contains 150 questions that can be used to create games. One of the activities that you can develop using the template is a "game show" featuring your students' favorite Cyberchase characters.

Applications for Education
PBS Kids Cyberchase games and the SMART Board template could be useful for elementary school mathematics lessons. Students can play the games individually then come together to participate in a group activity using the SMART Board activities you develop with the PBS Kids template.