Friday, November 30, 2012

Take a Narrated Tour of the Solar System

3D Solar System Web is a neat website that I discovered through the Chrome web store. 3D Solar System Web features a narrated tour of the solar system beginning at the sun and working out through all of the planets. The tour explains the classifications of each planet, how long it takes each planet to orbit the sun, and each planet's unique features.

Applications for Education
In addition to the narrated tour of the solar system 3D Solar System Web gives visitors the option to manually zoom through the solar system. Clicking on a planet's name in the menu will reveal some basic information about it. 3D Solar System Web could be a good place for students to find some introductory or review information about the solar system.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

NASA Kids' Club - Games and More for K-4

NASA Kids' Club is a new offering from NASA that features games, interactive activities, and images for students to explore, play, and learn from. At the center of the NASA Kids' Club is a set of games and interactive activities arranged on five skill levels. The activities range from simple things like guessing numbers in "Airplane High Low" to more difficult tasks like identifying planets based on some clues provided in prompts in "Go to the Head of the Solar System."

Applications for Education
NASA Kids' Club has a teachers' section in which each of the Kids' Club activities is outlined with alignment to NCTM and Common Core standards.

VoiceThread - One of My All-Time Favorite Tools

This afternoon after my Best of the Web presentation at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference I had a nice conversation with a a teacher who was looking for a way to have her students collaboratively create a presentation about their favorite apps. My suggestion was to try VoiceThread. On VoiceThread her students could upload a screenshot of their favorite apps, explain what the apps do, why they like the apps, and ask each other questions about their favorite apps. My suggestion was just one of dozens of ways that VoiceThread can be used in classrooms.

VoiceThread has been around for over five years now and it is still one of my favorite tools. If you've never tried it, watch the VoiceThread below to learn how it works and what you can do with it.

VoiceThread's free option limits you to having three projects in your account at a time. The education version gives you much more space and the option to manage student accounts requires a subscription plan at $79/year. I've always just deleted projects when I'm done with them in order to stay under the free account cap.

60 of the Best Websites and Apps for Teachers

Today, at the Christa McAuliffe Technology Conference in Manchester, New Hampshire I gave my Best of the Web presentation to a packed room. This is my most requested presentation wherever I go. Today, I rolled out my latest updates to the presentation. With the exception of seven or eight items everything shared in the slides is something that I used for the first time in 2012. The slides are embedded below.

How to Search Gmail by Attachment Size and Date

Yesterday, I shared the Gmail+1 "hack." Today, I have another handy Gmail trick for you. In Gmail you can search for attachments by date and by file size. So if you can't remember who sent you an attachment try these tips demonstrated in the Tekzilla video embedded below.