Friday, February 1, 2013

FREE Webinar - 10 Easy Ways to Participate in Digital Learning Day 2013

Next Tuesday I will be a guest on a free webinar hosted by Pearson's Online Learning Exchange. The webinar is titled Ten Easy Ways to Participate in Digital Learning Day. The copy below was written by the OLE team. I'd never call myself a "guru."

Pearson's Online Learning Exchange is celebrating this year’s Digital Learning Day with Ed Tech guru Richard Byrne, author of the 2012 Edublogs, Best Ed Tech Blog award-winning website, Free Technology for Teachers. Richard will share 10 easy ways for you and your students to participate in this year’s Digital Learning Day event.

Learn how to host your own student TED Talks, how to search for quality digital educational content, how to share your knowledge with your community of peers and much more. Use these ideas to create authentic learning experiences and prepare your students to become productive global citizens in the 21st century.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to hear from one of the most prominent professional's in education technology. To learn more about this FREE webinar visit

Event Details 
Who: All K-12 Teachers When: Tuesday, February 5th, 3:00-4:00 MST
Where: Register at
Goodies: All webinar attendees will receive a snazzy certificate of attendance as well as a Free 30-day trial of Pearson’s Online Learning Exchange. One lucky attendee will receive a year-long Online Learning Exchange subscription for their entire school!

200+ MOOCs and Free Online Certificate Programs

It seems like every day a new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) comes online. Some of these courses offer "certificates of satisfactory completion" or similar recognition while others do not.  To help you find a MOOC that interests you and or your students Open Culture has created a list of more than 200 MOOCs and free certificate programs.

Stephen Downes also has a nice MOOC listing going on his page. 

Applications for Education
Some MOOCs, like this biology course through Harvard and MIT's EDX program, can provide a good challenge to high school students who have the interest and initiative to complete it. I'm not aware of any high schools that are doing this yet, but it seems like it's only a matter of time before some high schools start awarding some type of recognition or credit to students who earn a certificate of completion from a course through EDX and similar programs.

Inspire Students Through a Google+ Hangout With an X-Men Editor

In three weeks the Purple Feet Foundation, a non-profit whose purpose is to spark students' interests in career options, is hosting a Google+ Hangout with Nick Lowe. Nick Lowe is the Senior Editor of the X-Men titles at Marvel Comics. The Hangout will happen at 1pm ET on February 22. You can register for the event here. Learn more about the hangout and Nick Lowe in the flyer embedded below.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A New Crash Course in U.S. History

At about this time last year John Green launched Crash Course World History. That video series now contains 42 short video lessons on World History.

Today, John Green launched a new Crash Course series. This one is all about U.S. History. The first video in the Crash Course U.S. History series is now up on YouTube. I've embedded it below. The series starts before Europeans arrived in North America.

Applications for Education
The fast pace of the Crash Course videos makes them better suited to being reviews or introductions to topics rather than a replacement for lectures and documentary videos. Green definitely puts a bit of his own bias into some of the videos. You may want to discuss that with your students. Green also occasionally makes some remarks that border on PG-13 so keep that in mind before playing the videos in front of a classroom of middle school students.

A Simple Tool for Cleaning Up Your YouTube Viewing Experience

Today, I spent the day running workshops in Springfield, Massachusetts. In a few of my workshops the question of how to go about safely showing YouTube videos in the classroom came up. The tool that I shared today and have shared since I discovered it is A Cleaner Internet. A Cleaner Internet is an extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The extension allows you to search YouTube and view YouTube videos without viewing the "related" content, advertisements, and comments that appear on YouTube. I included a short demonstration if it in the video below.