Friday, March 22, 2013

Moonberri - Quickly and Privately Transfer Files

Have a file that you need to send to colleague or to a student, but is too big to attach to an email? If so, give Moonberri a try. Moonberri is a free service for  privately transferring files. To transfer a file upload it to your Moonberri account then set a password for accessing it. Give the link to the file and password to the person that you want to be able to download the file. Moonberri will store your files online for up to 30 days. 

Applications for Education
If you have students creating videos or large audio files often those files are too large to attach to a school-issued email account. In those situations a service like Moonberri could be a good tool for students to use to send their files to you. 

MapStory - Create a Story With Mapped Data

MapStory is a free tool for creating mapped displays of data sets. Data sets that are time based, the travels of Genghis Khan for example, can be set to play out in a timeline style on your map.

Creating a MapStory might look complicated at first glance, but it's actually quite easy to create a map. To get started select a data set or sets that you want to display on your map. You can choose data sets from the MapStory gallery or upload your own. After choosing your data set(s) select a base map. After that you can customize the look of the data points on your map and or manually add more data points to your map. The notes option in MapStory lets you create individual events to add to your map and timeline. Lines and polygons can also be added to your projects through the notes feature in MapStory.

Applications for Education
MapStory could be a good tool for students to use to visualize and analyze data. I like the idea of having students add multiple data sets to a map to make comparisons between them. For example, I created a simple map of the campaign stops of Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich during the G.O.P. primaries. I might ask students to look at this map and see if they can make any connections between the number of stops in a region and the primary vote tally for each candidate in that region.

Friday Afternoon Fun Facts

If you've had a long week the following fun video from Buzz Feed will put a little smile on your face. The Happiest Facts To Make You Smile.

Monosnap - A Screen Capture Tool for Mac, Windows, iOS and Chrome

Last summer I started using a new, free screen capture tool called Monosnap. At that time Monosnap was only available for Mac users. Monosnap is now available for Windows, iOS, and Chrome.

To get started using Monosnap download the version that is appropriate for your device. Once installed you can use Monosnap to capture a portion or all of your screen. Like other screen capture tools you can write on your captured images, draw arrows, and obscure parts of the image. One neat option in Monosnap is capturing your screen after a ten second delay. The delayed capture option gives you time to get everything into place for the image. That's particularly handy when you're trying to capture a pop-up box or drop-down menu that otherwise would disappear when you click away from it. You can save your screen captures on your computer or upload them to a free Monosnap account.

Applications for Education
Monosnap, like other screen capture tools, could be used for creating directions on how to use a new program or application. The option to obscure parts of an image is useful if you want to hide contact information that was accidentally captured in your screen capture.

Acceleration and Skydiving

Untamed Science is a neat, educational YouTube channel that I just learned about through the Pearson OLE blog. One of the videos that I watched this morning was Acceleration & Skydiving. The video explains the answer to the question, "when is acceleration the greatest in skydiving?" Watch the video below to find out the answer to that question.

Applications for Education
Before showing this video to your students ask them to use their knowledge of physics to formulate answer choices.