Friday, July 19, 2013

Debate Graph Helps Students See All Aspects of Important Debates

Debate Graph is a great resource that students can use to evaluate the many arguments in hot-button global topics. By providing webbed diagrams of arguments students can see and explore the many facets of debate.

To find a debate, visit the gallery of debates on Debate Graph. There are seven formats in which you can view the parts of a debate. Those seven layouts are bubble view, tree view, radial graph view, box view, outline view, page view, and document view. Pick the format that works for you and your students. If you pick one of the bubble, tree, or graph views you'll also be able to see an outline in the right-hand margin of the page. To explore a debate students just need to click on any of the connected circles in a diagram. If you want to create your own debate diagram or contribute to one that is already started register for free on Debate Graph.

Applications for Education
Rarely are debates a simple two-sided matter. Debate Graph provides students with a great tool for exploring the many facets of debates. Students could also create their own Debate Graphs in preparation for an in-person debate with classmates.

A Crash Course on the Civil War and Reconstruction

Earlier this year Hank and John Green launched Crash Course U.S. History. These videos provide ten to twelve minute overviews of key events and themes in the history of the United States. The series started with the arrival of Europeans in North America. The latest installment in series - released this week - is about Reconstruction. Over the last month three installments covered the Civil War. All four videos are embedded below.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

30 Ideas for Using Chromebooks in Education

Thanks to a Google+ post by Mikkel Storaasli I found a nice Google Slides presentation featuring 30 ideas for using Chromebooks in education. The presentation was created by Tom Gierke and Becky Evans. You can view the presentation here or as embedded below.

Bedtime Math - Fun Math Activities for Parents To Do With Their Kids

Bedtime Math is a great site on which you can locate fun mathematics activities for elementary school and middle school students. The activities are designed for students to do at home with their parents. Of course, the activities could also be used in your classroom. The Bedtime Math activities incorporate common household objects. Today's lesson is about mixing and sharing milkshakes.

In addition to the written math lessons Bedtime Math has a few math videos that you may want to check out. I've embedded a couple of them below.

I learned about Bedtime Math through Math Munch. Math Munch provides weekly summaries of great mathematics resources from all over the web.

Blogs vs. Wikis - Video Explanations

A question that I am frequently asked by teachers at this time of year as they start to think about going back to school is, "should I use a wiki or a blog?" If you're wondering the same thing, the following videos can help you understand the differences and choose the best option for your classroom.