Thursday, August 1, 2013

What Bears Do When We're Not Around - Video

Have you ever wondered what bears do when humans aren't watching? Have your students ever wondered about that? The Alberta Provincial Parks department recently published a couple of cute videos that show us what bears, deer, elk, and cougars do when we're not watching. Enjoy the videos, they're embedded below.

H/T to The Adventure Blog and Jen Deyenberg.

EdCanvas for Schools Lets You Manage Student Accounts

Edcanvas makes it easy for teachers to organize and share educational materials in a visually pleasing format. The "canvas" part of Edcanvas is where you arrange videos, links, images, and files around any topic of your choosing. Edcanvas has built-in search tools so that you do not have to leave your Edcanvas account in order to locate resources. 

This week Edcanvas introduced school-wide accounts. The new Edcanvas for Schools allows administrators to have unlimited classes, students, and teachers in one account. The administrator create accounts and administer accounts in Edcanvas for Schools.

Applications for Education
One of the features of Edcanvas for Schools that some administrators may like is the option to see which teachers are using the service the most. Administrators can also see active lessons to curate a selection of best practices. 

Keith Hughes Explains How to Make Flipped Classroom Videos

Keith Hughes makes fantastic flipped history classroom videos. I've featured lots of his work in the past because it is a great model of what a video lesson should be. Today, Keith released a video in which he explains how he does it and how you can do it too. In I Flip, You Flip, We All Flip Keith Hughes explains the concept behind flipped classrooms, equipment for creating great videos, and how to use iMovie to produce and publish your flipped lessons. If you have any interest in making flipped classroom videos, I highly recommend taking 25 minutes to watch I Flip, You Flip, We All Flip.

Cram - Create, Study, and Share Online Flashcards

Cram is a free online flashcard service that used to be known as Flashcard DB and Flashcard Exchange. The latest version of the service keeps the same concept as earlier versions, just with a different name. On Cram you can search through a database of more than 50 million online flashcards. As you browse through the flashcards you can add them to sets that you create and store in your account.

If you cannot find the flashcards for you in the Cram database, Cram gives you tools to create your own flashcards. You can create flashcards on an individual basis or in a group by importing a CSV file.

Applications for Education
Cram could be a good resource for students who like to use flashcards as a means of memorizing definitions and facts

An Important Message for Email Subscribers

If you subscribe to Free Technology for Teachers via email, sometime in the last eight hours you may have received a malware warning when you tried to click through the links in the email. There is not any malware hosted on this site. The message was the result of an error with FeedBlitz, the email delivery service that I use. This is the message that I received from them.

False Alarms and Click Through Issues Aug 1

This morning, shortly before 8am US Eastern, one of our databases became overloaded and, to use a technical term, crapped out.
Our monitoring apps told us of the situation, we quickly jumped on the apparent problem, and we thought we were done … but there was more to the issue than at first appeared.
One of our downstream web servers that handled tracking became horribly overloaded as a consequence of its being unable to reach that specific database. That in turn caused a failsafe in FeedBlitz to kick in, which had the nasty and unintended consequence of putting up a scary malware message.  That’s a design oversight we’ll fix later; right now the message has changed if you’re still getting it.
Right now we’re rerouting traffic to web servers that are OK. Depending on your settings that might take a while to show up. Job #1 is to get the system serving you properly. Then we’ll figure out what caused this cascade of issues and how to prevent them in the future.
Updates will be posted here and on the @FeedBlitz Twitter account.
Update 09:18 – things are looking much better now and click throughs are working properly.