Monday, August 12, 2013

A Quick Tip About Editing In Apple's Pages

I’ve been working on a rather large (currently 60+ pages) document all summer. Because it is an image-heavy document and because I like the templates that are available, I have been using Apple’s Pages to create this document. The problem I was having with the document for a while was that every time I tried to expand a section of the document and insert a new image, two, three, or ten other pages had elements shift on them too.

I shared this frustration with my friend Katrina Talley at Pearson OLE a few weeks ago. Katrina is also working on a similar document and was having the same problem. After commiserating for a while we started to explore various settings to see if we could alleviate our shared frustration. What we discovered was that rather than simply letting Pages expand our documents and automatically insert new pages when we added new text or images, it was better to simply manually insert a new page. By manually inserting new pages rather than allowing Pages to insert them for us, we found that each page can be edited individually without affecting the formatting of other pages in that section.

Perhaps this is old news, but I’m going to hazard a guess that there are others who have struggleed with the same problem Katrina and I had. Hopefully, this little tip helps those of you who have experienced the frustration with Pages that I experienced.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

100+ Tips for New Teachers and Good Reminders for Veteran Teachers

In 2011 and 2012 I asked readers to share their best tips for new teachers. I compiled all of the tips that were submitted and put them into a Google Slides presentation. I was reminded of this today when I received a couple of requests to share the slides again. The deck of slides is embedded below. I've made the slide deck public for anyone who has a Google Account to edit. Please make a copy and add your own tips if you feel inclined to do so.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

21 ClassDojo Tutorial Videos

Earlier this week I shared some information about ClassDojo's iPad mini and Nexus 7 contest. That post resulted in a few people emailing me with questions about ClassDojo in general and questions about how to use it. ClassDojo's YouTube channel contains video tutorials for just about everything you can and might want to do with your ClassDojo account.

At this time of year you're probably getting students and parents into the habit of checking-in to monitor their records. To help students and parents understand how to do that you might want to share the following ClassDojo video about entering student codes into ClassDojo.

Class rosters are often in flux at this time of year. If you need to know how to add students to a class in ClassDojo, watch the video below.

Check the ClassDojo YouTube channel for nineteen more helpful tutorial videos.

Room Recess Doubles In Size to Offer More Educational Games for Kids

Room Recess is a collection of free educational games sites developed by an elementary school teacher. I explored the site earlier this year and I revisited it this afternoon. Room Recess has more than doubled in size and now offers more than thirty free games. The games are arranged in four categories; math games, reading games, word games, and matching games. Some of the games are one player games while others are two player games. All of the games can be played without creating an account on the site.

Applications for Education
The reading games section of Room Recess is completely new. Those games are probably the best ones on the site in terms of helping students develop new skills. Some of the games on Room Recess aren't going to teach students any new skills, but they could be fun review and practice activities for elementary school students.

The Week In Review - The Most Popular Posts Of the Week

Good morning from Greenwood, Maine where the sun is shining and it's going to be a great summer day. Earlier this week someone asked on the Facebook page for more pictures of my assistants Max and Morrison. Here's one that captures the difference in their personalities (or doganalities). Max is right in my face and Morrison is just chilling out in the background. They're always happy to see me return from a trip. This week I visited Gaston County, North Carolina. Next week I'll be in Granville, North Carolina. If you would like me to visit your school district, please click here for more information.

Here are the most popular posts of the week:
1. 5 Good Places for Students to Find Public Domain Images
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3. Science 360 - A Good Collection of Science Videos
4. Smart Kit - School-safe Games and Puzzles
5. Why Historical Thinking Matters & Tips for Historical Thinking
6. Two iPad Apps to Help Students Learn About a New School
7. Help Students Start Stories With Word Mover

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