Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Big Is A Mole? - And Other Mole Day Resources

Tomorrow is Mole Day. No, not the kind in the picture rather we're talking about the number. Sophia Learning has put together a small set of Mole Day activities that you can do with your students. Included on Sophia Learning's Mole Day page is the following TED-Ed lesson How Big Is A Mole?

For more serious lessons about moles you may want to direct students to Sophia Learning's fifteen part course on moles.

A Fun Video About Cold Prevention

Yesterday, I posted some resources for learning about colds, flu, and the immune system. This morning Kristofer Gigante shared a fun video about colds. The Obligatory Fall Sick Song offers a fun reminder about getting rest, eating vitamins, and washing your hands.

Tundra Connections Teaches Kids About Polar Bears

Polar Bears International is once again offering teachers the opportunity to virtually connect their students to scientists studying polar bears. Over the next four weeks teachers can connect to one of the live webinars. During these live sessions students will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from some leading experts on polar bears and Arctic climate change. Through these experiences students will learn about the animals of the Arctic and how they have adapted to survive in the harsh Arctic climate. Students will also see and hear about how climate change is affecting the animals of the Arctic.

Click here for the full schedule of virtual events.

While you're waiting for one of the live sessions, your students can observe polar bears on Polar Bear TV.

Video streaming by Ustream

Monday, October 21, 2013

Discovery Education Presents Common Core Academies

I've been the guest of Discovery Education at a few of their events over the last couple of years. Each of their events that I've attended has been well organized and great learning experiences. I'm sure that their newest series of free events, Common Core Academies will be equally as good as their other events.

Discovery Education's Common Core Academies are free events arranged around the themes of Common Core Math, Common Core Language Arts, and leadership of Common Core implementation. The highlights of each academy are...
  • practical strategies to implement CCSS
  • reseach-based instructional practices
  • best practices in using digital content
  • resources and digital tools for immediate classroom integration
Discovery Education's Common Core Academies are being held in eight locations over the next four months. You can see the list of locations and register for these free events here.

How to Overcome Stage Fright

When it comes to public speaking some of us are 100% comfortable on stage. Others of us are completely freaked-out by the prospect of having to speak to a public audience. I fall into the 100% comfortable category, but I've presented with people who are close to the freak-out category. I've always told those people to "fake confidence" until they are confident. So why do people get stage fright and what can be done about it? This TED-Ed lesson has the answers.

Applications for Education
Understanding why something happens and accepting it are the first steps to changing it. This TED-Ed lesson could be a great little lesson to share with students in the weeks before they give presentations in your classroom.