Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Space Math - Math Lessons from NASA

Space Math is a NASA website containing space-themed math lessons for students in elementary school through high school. You can search for lessons according to grade level or mathematics topic. The bulk of the materials seem to be PDFs of directions for carrying out the lesson plans. The exception to that pattern being the middle school (grades 6-8) resources which include the use of some of NASA eClips videos.

Applications for Education
Each of the Space Math lessons align to different NASA missions. The NASA missions provide the context for the math lessons. That alignment makes Space Math lessons a good option for an integrated science and mathematics lesson.

How to Automatically Close Google Forms at Specified Times

Google Forms can be very useful for collecting all kinds of information from students and others. Two of the more common uses of Google Forms in schools are creating quizzes and conducting surveys (click here for a guide to creating quizzes in Google Forms). In both of those cases you may have a need to limit the number of responses, limit the length of responses, or set a cut-off time at which the form will stop accepting responses. While you can simply click "stop accepting responses" in your Google Form, you do have to remember to do it. FormLimiter solves that problem and two others.

FormLimiter is a script that you can install in the Google Spreadsheet in which you are collecting responses from a Google Form. The script allows you to limit the number of responses to a form, limit the number of characters in a response, and set a time at which the form will automatically stop accepting responses. The images below will walk you through the process of installing FormLimiter. (Click the images to view them in full size).

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:

Step 6:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How Big Is A Mole? - And Other Mole Day Resources

Tomorrow is Mole Day. No, not the kind in the picture rather we're talking about the number. Sophia Learning has put together a small set of Mole Day activities that you can do with your students. Included on Sophia Learning's Mole Day page is the following TED-Ed lesson How Big Is A Mole?

For more serious lessons about moles you may want to direct students to Sophia Learning's fifteen part course on moles.

A Fun Video About Cold Prevention

Yesterday, I posted some resources for learning about colds, flu, and the immune system. This morning Kristofer Gigante shared a fun video about colds. The Obligatory Fall Sick Song offers a fun reminder about getting rest, eating vitamins, and washing your hands.

Tundra Connections Teaches Kids About Polar Bears

Polar Bears International is once again offering teachers the opportunity to virtually connect their students to scientists studying polar bears. Over the next four weeks teachers can connect to one of the live webinars. During these live sessions students will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from some leading experts on polar bears and Arctic climate change. Through these experiences students will learn about the animals of the Arctic and how they have adapted to survive in the harsh Arctic climate. Students will also see and hear about how climate change is affecting the animals of the Arctic.

Click here for the full schedule of virtual events.

While you're waiting for one of the live sessions, your students can observe polar bears on Polar Bear TV.

Video streaming by Ustream