Friday, June 6, 2014

Math Graphing - A Nice Collection of K-8 Math Resources

Math Graphing is a part of a larger compilation of K-8 resources assembled by the Jefferson County Schools of Jefferson County, Tennessee. The Jefferson County Schools have hundreds of links for K-8 math, science, social studies, and language arts. I came across this great resource while looking for an interactive graphing activity. I found the activity I was looking for, but of more value is the Math Graphing collection of links from Jefferson County Schools.

Math Graphing has links to 48 interactive graphing activities appropriate for elementary school and middle school use. If you're looking for other mathematics activities, check out the Jefferson County Schools' general math page. The general math page is divided into fourteen categories including fractions, flashcards, integers, telling time, algebra, and geometry.

Gooru Adds New Content for K-4 and a New Question Type

Gooru is a nice service for creating and sharing collections of educational videos, images, and texts. Over the last couple of years Gooru has steadily added more content and more features for teachers and their students. The latest update to Gooru includes eleven new content sets for K-4 students. The content sets include materials for ELA, Science, Math, and Social Studies. You can find the new materials in the "communities" section of Gooru.

Earlier this year Gooru added the option to create quizzes about the content that you share with students. The latest update added an option to create questions that have multiple correct answers.

Applications for Education
Gooru makes it easy to create collections of videos, images, and interactive websites to use as part of a flipped lesson. Being able to add quiz questions for students to answer as they go through one of the units you've created is the feature of Gooru that I like best. By having students answer as they go through the collection I can get a sense of what I need to spend more or less time covering in my classroom.

Gooru does offer an iPad app. You can learn more about their iPad app here.

Service Through Video - A Next Vista Challenge

As many readers of this blog know, Next Vista for Learning is one of my favorite sites to share with others. Next Vista for Learning is a video sharing site unlike any other. Videos hosted on Next Vista are created by teachers and students for the purpose of sharing good news and good lessons with other teachers and students. Throughout the year Next Vista for Learning hosts challenges that are designed to get students and teachers thinking about creative video projects. This week the founder of Next Vista, Rushton Hurley, sent me an email about one of their recently concluded challenges. Service via Video was a challenge that asked students to create short videos about people working to improve their communities. The four most popular videos from that challenge are embedded below.

Live, Online U.S. History Review With Hip Hughes History

Keith Hughes, producer of the popular Hip Hughes History series of YouTube videos, is hosting a live review session for high school students on June 16th. In the one minute video below Keith explains everything you need to know about the session.

H/T to Ken Halla.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Use SlideRule to Find an Online Course This Summer

SlideRule is a search tool designed to help you find an online course. SlideRule has indexed instructional offerings from nearly one hundred content providers including MIT, Yale, and Stanford. You can search for courses according to subject, topic, and content providers. You can filter results to display only free content. Results can also be filtered to include only the courses that offer video instruction.

Applications for Education
There is not a shortage of institutions offering various online courses this summer. Finding the course that is right for you can take a lot of time if you're just jumping from site to site looking for a course. SlideRule could be helpful in finding a course that you want to take or for finding a course to recommend to your students.

H/T to Lifehacker.

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