Friday, August 15, 2014

How to Import Blogger and Other Blog Feeds Into Google Sites

During a workshop today in Delta, Colorado a teacher asked me if he could import his Blogger blog into Google Sites. Yes, you can import Blogger blog feeds into Google Sites. You can also import the RSS feeds of other blogs into your Google Site. To do this you will open the "insert menu" while editing a page in your Google Site, select "more gadgets," choose "RSS Feed," then enter the address of the blog that you want displayed in your Google Site. I've outlined this process in the screenshots below. Click the images to view them in full size.

1. Find the address of the RSS feed. If you're using Blogger for your blog, use the process below.






A Collection of Examples of Classroom Blogs

As the new school year starts many teachers will be trying to develop classroom blogs for the first time or revamping old blogs for the new year. The slides below contain examples of classroom blogs. You may find a new-to-you idea in these examples. The slides were created last fall with the help of many readers of Free Technology for Teachers.

A Big Collection of iPad Apps for Middle School Teachers and Students

Today, I spent the day working with some super friendly and awesome middle school teachers in Delta, Colorado.  If you're interested in seeing some of what we explored, the outline of the day is available here. At the end of the outline I included a link to all of the apps that I have categorized on as appropriate for middle school. That list is available here. The highlights of the list are included in this short slideshow that I created earlier this summer.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Great Google Search Strategies Every Student Can Use - Infographic

A couple of years ago I published 10 Google Search Tips All Students Can Use. In that post I included a small PDF to distribute to students. The folks at took a look at the post and turned it into a slick infographic for me. You can view the infographic below. Click here to download it from where I have it hosted.

Canva is a nice tool for creating infographics, slides, and posters. I featured it in a workshop in June. In this post teachers in that workshop shared their ideas about it using Canva and similar tools in school.

Disclosure: I do not have any financial affiliation with Canva. They asked if they could make an infographic for me and I said yes because I am a horrible graphic designer.

Two Online PD Opportunities With Me Starting Soon

Practical Ed Tech is the brand through which I offer online professional development opportunities. Next week I'm starting a new section of Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders, that course begins on August 19th. On August 27th Ken Halla and I will kick-off Teaching History on the Web.

About Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders:
Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders is designed to help teachers and school leaders develop an understanding of the many ways they can use blogs and social media (Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and more) to enhance communication between school and home. After learning about how each of the tools works we’ll dive into developing strategies for implementation.

Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders is a three week webinar series during which teachers and school administrators will learn the how to choose the best blogging platform for their situations, how to set-up a blog for classroom and school-wide use, and learn about strategies on how to manage blogs in classroom and school-wide settings. Participants will also learn how to avoid the mistakes that often lead to blogging endeavors being abandoned. After establishing blogs we’ll jump into using social networks like Twitter, Google+, and Instagram to reach out to parents, students, and other members of school communities.

Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders will meet at 7pm Eastern Time on August 19, 26, and September 2. All sessions are recorded for participants to watch as many times as they like.

About Teaching History on the Web:
In Teaching History on the Web we will take you through the process of developing engaging, web-based history lesson plans. This course features three interactive online meetings along with a discussion forum in which you can further interact with me, Ken, and your classmates.

Find and use flipped videos
Create your own flipped videos
Learn how to develop a Google Plus community for professional development and instructional purposes.
Develop an online Professional Learning Community.
Learn how to draw virtual maps.
Learn how to locate and help students locate online primary resources.
Find and use virtual tours on the Internet
Find and use flipped videos
Create your own flipped videos

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